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  1. My pleasure, you're a keeper. Look forward to much more of your beautiful art! xx Missy
  2. This artist is *incredible* I very very highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!!
  3. I messaged you as well. Very interested, lovely work!
  4. I need a few fairly simple (I think ) Mods coded in for the Mysidia Pet Site I run. Mine is pretty modded itself, but what I need are a few basic things, like: **First Coding Jobs: 1. Installing a color picker that will work to color in an item - say a marking - and then allow the buyer to purchase that particular colored in version, while leaving the original intact. I need to use color picker for markings and pet bases, and cant seem to work it out. I will pay 20 bucks for this mod to be successfully coded. It shouldn't be too hard at all, I just fail lol. 2. A way to take the layers of images I use to show my full pet (Markings layers + Base layer) and make a flattened image that can be shared and shown, while still keeping the layers separate for the Myadopts page, and breeding, everything else. Basically just a flattened version that can be stored in a field and shown somewhere, that doesn't affect anything else. I will pay 15 bucks for this mod. You *must* be very familiar with the current Mysidia Adoptables framework. I dont have the know how to explain it lol. I can do some in phpMyadmin to add fields and things like that, but nope to intensive. **Second Coding Job: I also run a modded version of the old Rusnak My Adopts script. I'd like a Color picker added to the pet generator I have on there too, 15 Bucks for this one. This may need special TLC because there is some form of it on there, a palette of color. But when the colored marking is applied to the Base of the pet, there is a white halo! Ugh. Do NOT want this white halo around the applied markings. I think thats it for now, thanks for looking, and I look forward to hearing from you Please no advice/warnings on how old/vulnerable these scripts are, I already know
  5. I'm looking for a free or inexpensive pet sim framework that is ready to go out of the box. I have Mysidia Adoptables and just wondering if there is anything else out there. Didn't have much luck with Kitto. I actually liked the decade old VPets (not sure if that is the correct name) but can't find it anywhere now, and not sure if it would even run. Basically just looking for anything else out there, under say 100 bucks. No idea if there is anything else, haven't found it. Mods please move it if this is the wrong area, thanks!
  6. Gorgeous art!! I love the top works, especially. Interested, please message me with rough idea what your art would cost (looking for animals, and I'd be altering them for different looks as well). The art would have to become the property of my site, due to the fact of members using the images and getting attached etc.
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