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  1. @MimicTheTruth I'm sorry, I don't really know of any specifically. I wish I could help. Just a thought - I just started development on a new petsite. Have you given any thought into backing or co-owning a NEW petsite? Or do you want something more immediate and already established?
  2. I'm not going to. My husband and I decided to just use his server that he uses for Plex.
  3. Anything is for sale if you bid high enough But as far as specifics, I'm not aware of any.
  4. Good morning (afternoon?)! I've never been on the front lines of petsite development for anybody else, but you can be! I'm starting up a new petsite and highly welcome all the help, suggestions, ideas, etc that I can get (I don't even have a name yet ) I am in the VERY early stages of development. I have an outline of where I am going and have just created a basic framework for my forums. I'm looking for anybody that would like to be involved in one way or another. Or if you want to just spectate the Discord as the site progresses that's welcome too! JOIN THE DISCORD HERE! Thanks for checking it out
  5. I FINALLY figured out my issues!!! I just learned today that my host (Hostgator) doesn't have the mysqlnd extension unless you upgrade to the more expensive hosting. Well, guess I'll have to make some changes...
  6. Honestly, I don't understand because using prepared statements is SO much more work than using mysqli_real_escape_string... and if you even change the database you will have to go back to each statement and fix it... What am I missing?
  7. Hey everyone! I've made a number of sites for myself, but I've decided to work on a pet/avatar site and I'm just getting into it. Generally on my own sites I've used mysqli_real_escape_string as one of the checks before putting user-input into the database, but I want to transition over to using prepared statements instead. I know those are much more secure. I tried to follow a tutorial I found, but when I tried I got an error saying: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysqli_stmt_get_result()... I think I found a way around that, but honestly I'm a little lost with the whole prepared statements thing. I like to code exclusively in procedural style (as I came from mysql and it was just an easier transition and now I'm kind of set in my ways). Can someone walk through procedural prepared statements as if it were the first time hearing about it? I'd really appreciate it!!!
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