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  1. Bump found these two creatures on my computer
  2. @dracula the books are $3 each, the first two creatures you posted are $30 each but I'd do them as a set for $50. The other two creatures are $50 each.
  3. Due to the pandemic I no longer have the time to commit to my game so I'm trying to sell some of the creatures and items I have. Creatures Items
  4. Pereia Art Update Hello everyone! Hope you're all staying healthy during this pandemic. I've finally gone back to my full time job so development has been a little slow but the artists I've been working with have been doing an awesome job so I wanted to give a little art update and show off some of the newest creatures for Pereia. So far we have 20 unique pets and we have 100 unique items! The goal is to have ~ 50 unique pets before we consider opening for an alpha stage so we're close to being halfway there art wise. Sneak Peak Missed the Pereia announcement post? Click here ! Or stay up-to-date with us on our Discord!
  5. Bump still looking for a website design
  6. INTRODUCING PEREIA Pereia is a new pet RPG in development with a huge focus on exploration. You were explore the world completing quests while looking for and battling various species of Perí, which are the native creatures to Pereia. If you find yourself in a battle with a wild Perí you'll have two options. You can either capture the Perí and raise it as your own or you complete the battle while gaining experience for your active Perí to get one step closer to evolution! Most Perí will have two to three evolution stages so your hard fought battles will eventually pay off! STORY PREVIEW ART PREVIEW I would now like to give a preview of the three current starting eggs/Perí that are possible for the user to receive from the scientist WANT MORE? Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/VXYXBxg
  7. Anyone in here good with Bootstrap that I could possibly Pm with a few questions?
  8. Does anyone have a good tutorial or reference for pagination in PHP? Looking to incorporate pagination for a few pages on my site
  9. Anyone in here do logo and website design?
  10. How do you like to make in game currency? Do you like doing quests or do you like playing games in the arcade? Do you prefer simple games like 21, higher or lower, rock paper scissors or are you more interested in flash games?
  11. Is having a human avatar a big selling point for you when deciding to play a game? Why or why not?
  12. @Hare , this is what I currently have <? ini_set('display_errors', 1); require_once "header.php"; $sql = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = ?"; if($stmt = mysqli_prepare($link, $sql)){ mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, 's', $_SESSION['username']); if(mysqli_stmt_execute($stmt)){ $info = mysqli_fetch_array($stmt); echo "Current Points:" . $info['points']; } else { echo "Can't find user"; } } mysqli_stmt_close($stmt); ?> but get an error message of mysqli_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result
  13. I'm working on the user area of my site and I'm trying to get it to display how much currency and the rank the user currently has. I know sql statement would be something like "select * from users where username = ?" but I'm a little lost on how I bind the session username so it knows what username to pull from the users table.
  14. I'm kinda hoping a lot of stuff will be more of a refresher to me since I used to be pretty familiar with php 5 but lost interest for awhile so I haven't really coded anything in years.
  15. For now just the eggs and the 1st stage of the pets. Eventually I'll need full sets (going up to stage 3 or possibly a 4th stage)
  16. Looking for a quote on 3 "young/baby" pets with corresponding eggs. Examples would be appreciated if you have any! Thanks!
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