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  1. Hey! My name is Lauren. I used to do art for pet sites back in the day, and I want to come back! I love drawing pets and fantasy items, as well as backgrounds too. I'm selling art! I will be posting sketches here. You can buy the sketch, or you can commission me to outline and color it. Also PM me if you want something custom! I have one sketch for today, more coming soon!
  2. Figment |Patreon + New Art!

    Wow! I love the patreon video! Is your team looking for more artists?
  3. Paid - Avatar Artist

    Hello, I am interested! I haven't been posting anything on this website, but I want to start. I worked years ago on the avatars for Pea world as well as Anataria (I believe both sites are dead at this point though unfortunately.) It was a long time ago, but I am still doing art on my own time and I have a degree in fine art now. Let me know if this is still available and we can exchange ideas!! Discord: Kerpow#4917

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