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  1. Just redid an old background for The Shallows Zone (Which all of the zones are now broken up so this has become the new starting area, Terra Cotta
  2. Last night, I worked on a marking that might be the true first premium currency marking since Diamond is going to take a loooong time to do. This marking would be called "Mirror Scale" and would be a base changing marking, making the fish look more like a Mirror scale goldfish. I'm working on how other markings that are in progress will work with this one.
  3. Green Water is the zone that is closest to the Forbidden Zone. As such, it is constantly covered in a haze of green algae. The closer to the Forbidden Zone, the more toxic the algae is. The fish of the pond have adapted, harvesting the algae for potions and tinctures, making this place the most desired home of all alchemists. Players who chose Oranda Goldfish as their starter breed will begin here in the calmest area of Green Water, The Rays. Here, they are greeted by Mark, the Alchemy trainer. This houses the area that players that begin here will spend their first five levels. Much like in the Depths, The Rays area is only accessible by those who start in that area The next area, Hairgrass, is, unfortunately, easily accessible to creatures such as The Masked Death. The fish in this area take solace in the powers granted to them by their proximity to the Forbidden Zone. The next area is The Hideaway. At some points of the year, the Forbidden Flame has been found here, far away from the more treacherous areas where it is usually found. This flame can be used in crafting weapons as well as in granting fish the power to create fire underwater. Some fish in the Dragon Class will come to this area to get their first transformative herbs. The next area, The Drop Off, is a treacherous area, the concentrations of toxins from the Forbidden Zone becoming even higher here. Fry are not allowed in this area as they can be easily overtaken. In this area, the creatures that lurk tend to have a strange air about them, as if something isn't quite right about them. Goldfish rarely make this area a permanent home. The last are is The Gateway to the Forbidden Zone. Relics of the disaster that befell the pond in it's first incarnation reside here, as if it were a window to the past. The Forbidden Zone is believed to be the source of the toxins that have led to the algae bloom in Green Water, leading some fish in other areas to believe that the algae collected in Green Water is unsafe. Nevertheless, some fish will venture even into the gateway to collect algae at their own peril. Nothing lives past this zone, though there have been rumors of stirrings behind the reeds...
  4. Because of the way my eyesight is, I tend to start all of my animals/people at 750 x 750 and then shrink them to 350x350. Items I do around 250-150, depending on how much detail I do for them
  5. Not quite a new game, but I am planning on trying to get Auratus Ghoti closer to alpha testing this year!
  6. Thank you so much! I'm having a lot of fun getting into working on this again! In fact, tonight is another art night so I might get another writeup finished before bed!
  7. Zone: The Depths The Depths is the starting zone for Common Goldfish. The area begins at the Waterfall, where players can learn the ropes of the game and train up their first fish. Like all other starting zones, the first five levels are only accessible by members of The Depths. When players get new fish and want to train them to battle and explore, they will go to the starting area to train. The Waterfall has a strong current, perfect for strengthening fish and preparing them for the dangers that may lay ahead in the pond. When players who chose a Common goldfish start out, they are greeted by Draco (name is still being workshopped), the greeter NPC and Dragon Class trainer. The first area will take 5 levels to master when you first begin with your starting pair of fish. After level 1 (Which gives you the ropes of the game), you can start training basic combat against effigies of pond predators, starting with a party size of 2 fish. At level 5, you will be able to choose the class for your first two fish. The next 5 explore levels take place in the Branches, an area with plenty of hiding spots but still plenty of danger as well. This will be the first area where players will be able to fight enemy NPCs such as The Spearfaced Death and The Furred Fish The next section is The Calm. This area has stronger enemies, despite its name. Creatures begin getting stranger the deeper you go into the Depths. The fourth section is The Shadows. Fish have to rely on their senses of hearing and smell down here, knowing that the Furred Fish and the Scaled Rope will still find them down there if they are not careful. The last level is The Abyss. The strangest creatures lurk here and only the bravest and strongest fish dare to enter. It is close to the Forbidden Zone and some of the oldest fish in the pond caution younger fish from venturing down alone. Most fish who venture alone never return. Next up, I'll talk about the starting zone nearest the Forbidden Zone, Green Water!
  8. A little about the world Auratus Ghoti is set in a large backyard pond. At game launch, only five zones will be open (with others being opened later on as new breeds are introduced). The five zones that players can access at game launch are The Shallows, Water Lettuce Forest, The Neutral Zone, The Depths, and Green Water. Players will start the game in either The Shallows, Water Lettuce, The Depths, or Green Water, depending on the breed of their school leader that they choose at registration. (Note: World map below is still being worked on as I may tweak the design a little) The Neutral Zone is where the main NPC run shops reside, as well as the place where players can sell items and trade fish. The NPCs that reside in the neutral Zone are: Poole: A female Common Goldfish who is the seller of items that can be bought with river rocks (the premium currency). New Fish: A male Ruykin who runs the event shop with his son, Banner. Izzy: A a female Common Goldfish who is the seller of food items that can be bought with gravel (the main currency) [Image coming soon] LB: The daughter of Poole and New Fish, she's female Tamasaba Goldfish (a future playable breed) who is the seller of weapons and armor. Bowman: They are a Common Goldfish who runs the item that sells breed changers and marking changers. Guy: An Oranda Goldfish who runs the cosmetic apparel and skins shop Pearl: A Pearlscale goldfish who runs the trading post, where players can sell their wares Oskar: A raven who will craft items for players. Next up, I'll talk about the Zone that players can access!
  9. It looks interesting! I just joined under Auratus Ghoti (not comfortable joining under my full name haha)
  10. Hopefully this is the right place to post this! Some folks who were on VPL might remember that I was working on a goldfish sim. I wanted to set up a thread now that we have started reworking the coding for it. Auratus Ghoti is a 2D virtual sim game in which you breed, raise, and train a school of goldfish and discover the lore behind the pond they live in. One of the main goals of the fish in this pond is to please the “gods”. As you explore the pond with the goldfish, certain pieces of the lore are uncovered and the history of the previous attempt by the gods at a pond is revealed, as well as new threats and challenges to life in the pond. One way of pleasing the gods is by breeding fish to either create a large school or to send to “Indoors”, an area that only the First Seven truly know about. Sending a fish to Indoors is a great honor, but these fish are never seen by their schools again. This activity can gain a school Favor, a currency used for special items in game. Another way of pleasing the gods is by training the members of your school in combat so that they can successfully defend the pond from invaders. Combat is either player versus player (gaining stats and ranking each week) player versus effigy in low level areas and player versus invader in medium to higher level areas, rewarding site currency (both Gravel (the main currency) and occasionally Favor and River Rocks (the premium currency)) and items. At the end of each week, schools who have gained the highest stats for the week get a bonus from the gods of Favor, a stat bonus for the week, and extra turns at foraging for food/exploring. The four starting breeds are Common, Ryukin, Oranda, and Tosakin. Eventually, other breeds will be released as other areas of the pond are opened. Currently, news is being posted on both the forums (Though this has been harder to update since photobucket changed their photo hosting stuff) and on the official tumblr . Eventually, I will be opening up the discord for updates and discussions as well. I just realized the time though so I will add some more tomorrow about what the game play is expected to be!
  11. Did a pair of demos of having at least 4 markings instead of just 3 (Changing how markings and colors work since goldfish tend to be a little more random looking in their markings in real life). I think I kind of like having the colors and markings be like this since it give players more variety. Using females of two of the breeds since most of their marking art for Alpha is finished
  12. Just finished all of the art for a possible premium currency marking (Only for one gender of one breed so far).
  13. I am still currently developing Auratus Ghoti, a goldfish sim. It's been in development since 2015 and some progress is now being made on programming it. It's kind of morphed since I first started developing it, focusing more on the lore than the pet collecting aspect so there will be some more RPG/battling elements to it now that I originally planned.
  14. Creating new art for some breeds in Auratus Ghoti Next up, I'll be working on the male Oranda art
  15. Working on some sample layouts for my programmer. So far I have a sample layout for school screens for the players of the Water Lettuce Forest and Shallows factions.
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