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  1. Hi! Currently looking for a background artist, preferably in a semi-realistic style. Nature scenes is what I'm going for. I'd like to see some examples! Payment will be discussed. PM or reply to the thread. Add examples and a price estimate. Thanks!
  2. Great work! Sending you a message about some possible work!
  3. Well I need help with setting it up for my website. Installing it! I've tried several times but I'm missing something. Maybe it is since I don't know how to install apache. I've only transfered the files to the server with filezilla. So obviously I'm not doing enough. If you think you could help me set it up I'd gladly pay you for the help. I just want to get started playing around with it and learning. But I just get a headache of trying to make it all work right now.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some help with uploading the Pet Game Framework to my site. I'm not doing anything serious just yet, just want to get it uploaded and play around. I've tried myself before but I seem to be messing up somewhere, I'd gladly pay someone to help me with setting it up. Thanks in advance. Pm me if you're available!
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