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  1. @Vix Thank you this is an extremely helpful post for us to at least get some of our bearings. In response to your pointers: 1. When you mention that you can buy pre-completed frameworks, where might we be able to search or inquire about that, and where can we get a pet-site framework? Would it be necessary to buy another pet site, seeing that a pre-bought framework would have to emulate one? What languages are these templates most often written in? I can certainly start saving money to buy a template, and if it saves us some money and largely eliminates the need for continuously pay to a developer for hundreds of hours of service, I'm all for it. 2. I'll be sure to look into the website regarding that server and forums, thanks for that tip! 3. Hmm yea from what you are saying perhaps there is a lot to the front-end development I can learn on my own if need, as of now I'm going to learn HTML for sure. But yea, if we end up needing to hire someone it would be on a per-project basis I suspect.
  2. Hello all, My friend and I are in the middle of brainstorming our own petsite, but both of us are concerned over exactly what we could be getting our hands into regarding costs of developing and maintaining a petsite. Neither of us are incredibly wealthy nor do we expect to have kickstarting funds or any kind of initial grant. We are both artists and intend to create most of the art content on the site and draft plans for web design and layout. I will also be the primary writer for all site content, and any remaining artwork will be offered to volunteer artists or future KS backers to create. So those expenses would be mitigated. Unfortunately, neither of us code or have much education in computer science or game design (zero experience in game design for me haha). While we will both try to self teach ourselves the basics, we anticipate needing significant outside help regarding that component of this project. Unfortunately, it seems that's the most expensive aspect of developing a petsite, and so we want to get an idea of how costly it really is. Both of us would appreciate advice concerning estimated ranges of expenses of the following services and paths toward development: 1. Hiring a coder for developing most of the site. We expect to develop enough proficiency/familiarity in the languages to maintain and update the site from there, so that we don't have to rely on a continual staff position for a while at least. 2. Buying space on a server 3. Hiring a web designer to implement our proposed layout and get the site set up. 4. Any other expenses relating to site development not listed. Thanks a lot for the help and suggestions!
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