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  1. I have been commissioning Cynicalraptor for new items for my adoptable, around 18+ items in fact and I do plan to order more! He is a wonderful person to work with! Very friendly, amazing communication, great high quality artwork, great turnabout time. Awesome at matching art styles, 5/5 stars/A+! Will be continuing to work with and highly suggest. ^ - ^
  2. One of many attempts for my adoptable/future site Logo. Custom font inspired by the font my fiancée made for me, I tried a few shading and highlighting styles. I think I'll try 2 more designs later on but this is my fav one currently. It's not quite there yet but it's getting closer. Some quick flat color bust sketches for some peeps of mine. ^ - ^
  3. Thank you so much! ^ - ^ That means a lot to me ; v ;
  4. Hello everyone! It's about time I posted my art gallery here to show case some stuff I've been working on and things I'm still working on. I have one on every site now I do plan to open commissions here in the other thread soon since my June slots have opened. I'll start with the newest commission work I have then add to it as it goes on, some are older but only by 3 years. ^ - ^ Some Personal and Commissioned Artwork over the last 3 years. Older WIP painting Personal Adoptable work Dollies Species made by: Me and my Fiancèe, Emelie. (These will be up for sale soon on another site once they are closer to being done. Let me know if your interested in them) The "Blessed" stage. ^ Is a WIP, still need to render the male's joints and the "Cursed" side. Will come with baby stage, 3 hair and tail styles and 3 items. WHOLE reworked adoptable, original art was by Willow on PI but I redid it due to it not aging well when I bought it. Added new ears and tail mutations. (Will also be sold on another site, let me know if your interested!) ^ wip Longer mane. Cosplays I completed for an adoptable offsite that I'm an artist for. Note: I did not do the main art (The creatures) for these, just the extras. Mutations and items for the same adoptable. Full on finished adoptable with mutations for someone offsite. Thank you for looking ; v ;
  5. No problem at all! After dinner I'll definitely message you about some! ; v ; The way you do items is too cute not to order a few ♡
  6. These are so lovely! ; v ; Do you have a price range on your items?
  7. I completely forgot to add to this. Thank you so much for the info! I'll look into PHP and Ruby and their tutorials. ^ - ^
  8. I was learning game design in Unity before I began the project and I just kind of stayed with Unity while doing so. I'm very new to coding and these programs, if another program is better for it I would much rather switch over and start learning it instead. I'm trying to teach myself how to program the things I design since I don't have formal education in this area. I haven't fully grasped PHP or Ruby yet, I'm getting more comfortable with Visual Studio Code but that's about it. I'm a very visual learner and tend to have a hard time focusing if I'm not able to grasp the program.
  9. I've been thinking about this for a while now and can't pin point the best way to go. I wanted to ask if I'm heading in a good area or if I'm going the complete opposite direction or if there's another option I completely over looked. I needed a break from learning coding so I started working on a design/layout for my creature generator that I will be using for my future site. My first plan was to design it in PS or Adobe X D then program/code it into Unity. But that is where my question of "Does it work like this or is there another program to code it all in to post on the site? does the code from unity get transferred to the site or did I misunderstand the tutorial?" This generator was inspired by another site I've been apart of for many many years now. The generator in question will be setup for the players to pick/choose the genes, breed, gender and color of their creatures parents or the creatures starting two genes (this one is most likely what I'll be going with). There will be a roll/percent chance to get the color they wanted or a different shade of that color based on the parents. Let's call them starters as they do not have parents in their history once made. The starters can either have no genes at all, carry two but not show it or show one gene only. For each creature created a fee of in game currency will be charged to the player. I'm still in the designing area but if I'm designing it in the wrong program I would like to stop where I'm at and finish it or restart it in the correct program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Background artist 1 possibly found, test running a BG with one of my current concept sketch artists. She wanted to give it a go. ^ - ^ I wouldn't mind a second background artist if someone else is interested.
  11. I wanted to stop by and say that Travis is great to work with. Great communication, good attention to detail along with a good turnabout time. Thank you so much again! ^ - ^
  12. (Closing this, I found two background artist and one of them is working on the map. Thank you! ) Hello everyone! While I'm finishing up my last two commissions I thought I'd look at other artist portfolios for a project of mine. I need a little help in the background/map department and I'm wanting to make sure I don't skip over anyone. I'm looking for an artist who's good with environment art and/or making maps. The current BG I'm looking for is a forest, with or without a cave opening that is cell shaded or a mix of cell and soft shade. The map is the same style but it will have 6 different areas on it that can be templated per area on the map. That way when the species get released only one place on the map will appear at a time. Both are more in the cartoon area but have a bit more details than the average cartoon style. Here's an old, unfinished BG I was working on years ago, I would like something similar in art style to match my other creatures. I may still make it into a background in the future but for now it's an example. https://www.deviantart.com/thegalaxyrose/art/WIP-background-522789021 I do have a ref to a map style I love (not looking for pixels, just love how this map is done) What my style looks like https://www.deviantart.com/thegalaxyrose/art/Sticker-SU-Edition-697846125 (Semi old) https://www.deviantart.com/thegalaxyrose/art/Com-BlackJack-797830728 Must haves: Semi match my art style Good with environment art or making maps I must be able to have the original file (PS is preferred but SAI is good as well) Okay with edits to make them into a banner, Icons or certs. Credit will always be posted/given. The artwork must come with commercial rights seeing as it will be used on an adoptable, on their website and another full on site in the future. What I'm interesting in: Sketches Linearts Fully rendered works Not a must but would be nice: Be okay with me being a recurring client, I like to come back to artist I buy from. You'll be added to my list for BGs and Maps, meaning you will be my go to artist for each new addition I need when ever I have the cash. This will be on and off commissioning. I do not mind shading and highlighting them myself or lining them. I would prefer to have a fully rendered piece though but not a must. Templated areas on the map, they do not have to be but then I would like permission from the artist to template it myself. Payment: USD or USD equate in art of your choice that will be started on after my current 2 commissions are completed. This means you can order personal artwork from me or items/mutations for your adoptables to match the price of the work done. Feel free to PM me for examples and prices of my artwork or items/mutations I've done over the years.
  13. Thank you so much! ; v ; I sell designs from time to time, those are my fav and most detailed out of of them. I do want to doodle up some more for Holidays coming up.
  14. I work for two adoptables currently and still have some time on my hands. I believe they have the same coloring system as you but I want to make sure I'm understanding this position correctly. You're looking for a colorist to color the lines you currently have and for each one done you are paying $15 or for two (Adult and baby) you are paying $30 per finished within a two week time frame. Do they have premade patterns with them or is each creatures patterns different? Is there a minimum of how many that need to be done in that two week time frame? I'm interested, just wanted to make sure I understood everything correctly before applying. ^ - ^
  15. Some stuff I've worked on or have finished in 2020, next is finishing some cosplays for an adoptable I work with then starting to line and shade my dragons for Hiron.
  16. Thank you! I am looking into YouTube videos, small subscription online classes/courses for learning just to see what it would take to code everything and programs I can use with the limited knowledge I have now. Hiring a pro will most likely need to wait until I have a little more income first. Is there a beginning area you suggest I look into first? And thank you for your honestly, I'll keep that in mind moving forward. ^ - ^ I got inspired to move forward with my plans a few years ago and I haven't lost any interest in it even when learning the time, effort and money that would go into it. Two sites I've been on for about 12+ years ,give or take, I have seen very popular adoptables that would like to be a site but don't know where to start or how to code or just don't move to that point due to fees. I would however like to start out my creatures as an adoptable first, then move to a smaller site for the members then move to a 2.0 version of the site that's fully running. Most of the time I have been freelancing I have had either a full time job, a part time or two part time jobs at the same time until the past year when I went full on freelance. (relearning my limits Workaholic here) I am no stranger to having a large workload and I did enjoy doing my normal routine with art for my DA or my commissions during my other unrelated jobs. It can be mega exhausting if you're not pacing yourself correctly which I have learned in my younger work day years. T D T; I do enjoy art enough to keep going while having one or more jobs, freelance or unrelated. Luckily for me coding would help me with another job I was looking forward to having in the future, so let's say if the pet sim site didn't go as I planned I could get that job then use my free time to slowly work on the the pet sim, so there's no lose to learning besides time.
  17. Hello everybody, I'm new to TGL hoping I posted this in the right place. Who am I : I'm TheGlaxyRose (TGR) or KatelynM. A Freelance artist of 11+ years who specializes in anthro art, human art, item art, character design and clothing designs while studying UX/UI in my free time. I have worked with a few adoptables and am apart of a few teams offsite. I have a passion for art, designing and concepts which has lead me to my long term passion project that I wanted to make into a fully developed pet sim site within the next few years or so. (If possible) The sketches of the creatures I brought commercial rights for along with permission from the original artists to line, shade and highlight them for the finish product. I have not started the line process just yet but I will be after finishing my current commissions. I'm hoping to add my artwork examples to this site as well. But I had some questions after reading some of the fourms here that I felt I needed to ask. What I did and the realization: I've been working and planning for a while on this project and thought I knew what I wanted but upon looking at the "So you want to be a website owner" thread I realised I didn't actually know what I wanted coding and hosting wise. Art and Design wise I have that down, I've been playing with a design on both AdobeXD and Wix even going as far as making a prototype on AdobeXD that's still a WIP. Unfortunately coding isn't my strong side, so I have a few options, learn coding myself (preferred but not a must) or hire someone to do it for me and be a permanent part of my team. As a side note, I know almost nothing about coding, besides small website coding. I am looking into learning more code long term but for now let's say I have no knowledge of coding at all. On another note, just in case. I am a very visual learner, if you have tutorials, videos or advice that you believe could help me that would be greatly appreciated! My goal: It's a mythology and fantasy base pet sit game, the first 4 species released will be dragons then other species of Mythology and Fantasy themes will be added in later. I currently have 7 dragon concepts ready for the line art stage for the game. You will be able to name, feed, vet, breed, dressup, trade, buy, buy dressup items, join groups, interact with a community and adventure. Later on I would like to add some mini games but it is not a must have. There is also good chance I may add an RPG area for players to interaction with characters I created/AI's once I learn and understand Unity better. My questions: What would be the quote for someone coding the game play and data base of a site that already has a design and prototype? Would it be better to code everything myself or add coders to my team? Do I get the full rights to the custom site code and only I get to use it or does the coder get to use it as well? Since I'm not the best in coding right now is there a way to alter/add or take out files of art without a coder? Is there sites that sell licenses/subscriptions to coding that someone like me could easily understand and still be able to use? With the question above, if I buy a license does that mean I get to keep the coding without worry the coder can take it back? Same with the subscription? Is there any videos on how to make PSD files into coded files for pet sim game? That's my main questions currently, if I think of more I'll definitely add them here. Thank you for your time!
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