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  1. Hiya~ I hope you are doing alright! I'm an Artist and I've been looking to join a project for a while~ I can offer Items Art, Characters/Npcs (human, furry, anthro, etc) and even Logos and other promo Art! ✦Icons: ---- ✦Logos & Promo Art: ---- ✦Characters: ---- - Contact & Commissions info - ✦Commish info + prices! -- ✦You can contact me via: * Discord - sterkiherz#7005 *Twitter *Email - [email protected]
  2. I guess I'll join in n.n I'm 21, I'm a girl and I am from Argentina. I am currently a student at college but I do art as a hobby! (I am working on a fantasy comic on Webtoons and Tapas.) I have 5 dachshund doggos...and they are actually my babies for now ♡ I'm loving this community! Have a nice day n.n
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