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  1. Hey there, glad you checked out my thread. I am looking for a couple of people to give me a hand with getting a pigeon and dove breeding game built. I have a really good general idea on how i want the game to work, i have some work already done, I have a site hosted but the database isnt set up at this moment. I currently have one person on the team plus me. But i am looking for the following can be individuals or if you match multiple points thats great. Has knowledge in pigeons and/or doves and their genetics knows php knows html/css can create art close to the style already used This is really just a hobby project but let me know what you would ask to be paid. I would be really stoked if there were people who wanted to work with us long term. I have a google folder with a bunch of older stuff in it that i can share with people who may be interested. there is a website but its super messy and not set up yet. Again i need to get everything connected so things work. If you really want to see the messy website its at www.virtualloft.net and there is also a FB page with some art at https://www.facebook.com/virtualoft/ im also working on a preview of how id kind of like the site to look for a proper look at how im thinking of rebuilding it.
  2. plan on getting my pigeon breeding sim, Virtual Loft, going again this year. Had to leave it for a while to wait until i had time to work on it again

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