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  1. Hey guys! Im still editing this posting here but i added a few images, i got pretty sick after posting so im a little behind my schedule i set for myself to have certain things drawn up. I would also like to add that i have someone on board with my project but would be open to more coders
  2. Hi! I am looking for someone who may be interested in forming a partnership with me on a game idea i have been working on for a few years now. I have a site and database ready to go right now and a handful of code bits i need attached to it. What is the name of the project? I am calling the project Virtual Loft What am i looking for exactly? I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in php, mysql, html, and css. I am more of the visual artistic type and have limited knowledge on the code needed. But i am learning so fear not! I am also looking for someone that is interested in my project. I will list more info below. What are we working on exactly? The project i have been working on is a browser based pigeon breeding and exhibition game. The basic idea of the game is to be able to breed pigeons with either a made up genetic system, or a realistic genetics system (whatever may sound better and more user friendly) To be able to show pigeons in either purebred shows that are judged on statistics that the birds are born with, highest statted bird wins sort of thing. To be able to race racing homers. This is more a system that works with the birds born strength, stamina, and possibly instinct stats. (there is a weather system i have in mind for this bit). To be able to show birds in pet shows. This is something that is still statistic based but it could allow for crossbreds and possibly fantasy colors/breeds/mutations that would otherwise not be allowed in the general pure bred show. I am also interested in having some minigames later developed to do with pigeons but id like to have the basics covered first. Let me know what you guys think! PM me or comment if you think you may be interested. Im not really looking for artists at the moment, just coders. Thanks for the interest! What do we have so far? I have at least one person on board that knows php/mysql, but would absolutely be open to more people if theres interest. Im still ironing out some things since i was pretty sick for a few days but ill have some more info to roll out soon enough Some artwork:
  3. Hey there, glad you checked out my thread. I am looking for a couple of people to give me a hand with getting a pigeon and dove breeding game built. I have a really good general idea on how i want the game to work, i have some work already done, I have a site hosted but the database isnt set up at this moment. I currently have one person on the team plus me. But i am looking for the following can be individuals or if you match multiple points thats great. Has knowledge in pigeons and/or doves and their genetics knows php knows html/css can create art close to the style already used This is really just a hobby project but let me know what you would ask to be paid. I would be really stoked if there were people who wanted to work with us long term. I have a google folder with a bunch of older stuff in it that i can share with people who may be interested. there is a website but its super messy and not set up yet. Again i need to get everything connected so things work. If you really want to see the messy website its at www.virtualloft.net and there is also a FB page with some art at https://www.facebook.com/virtualoft/ im also working on a preview of how id kind of like the site to look for a proper look at how im thinking of rebuilding it.
  4. plan on getting my pigeon breeding sim, Virtual Loft, going again this year. Had to leave it for a while to wait until i had time to work on it again
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