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  1. Welcome Evergreen!

    Welcome to TGL, Evergreen! Good to see you here
  2. Spiffy new post format

    Ooh, a nice update to wrap up the year! Thank you!
  3. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    @halichu - Fantastic! I'll be out of town the next two days but I'll be in touch asap.
  4. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    @halichu No problem! I definitely appreciate you asking first just to see I'm willing to bend my budget a little for the battle system as it is such a large thing, relatively urgent, and I want it done well. I'll double check with the last programmer who worked on the battle system just to make sure its what I'm thinking it is, and if not I'll be sure to update this. (Unfortunately I don't think it could be continued on phaser.io, but the training games may be able to be done with it)
  5. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    @halichu Thank you for the question! Based off of the current work I have, it should be HTML5! I'm looking for about 3 games similar to one that I have by @PaulSonny so far (Tetrimino, but with gameplay modifications) : https://thegaminglist.com/topic/1107-halloween-sale-3-licenses-for-100-psadoptables-alpha-access/ And then there's our battle system, which is currently at about 50% completion! I know we've discussed a project before! If you're still available and want to know more and see progress of what is done so far, I'd be happy to share!
  6. Get your Holiday 2017 Adoptable today!

    WOW they are super adorable! Thank you so much for this lovely adopt <3
  7. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    Still looking for a programmer confident in HTML5!
  8. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    Thank you so much for sharing that @Passage !
  9. Hiring PHP + HTML5 Programmer

    Hi all! I'm looking for a new programmer to join Kasaria, a virtual petsite that takes you to explore and settle on a new planet while scientists work on healing Earth. I'm really looking to push Kasaria out of development and closed beta faster and need someone who is kind, enjoys petsites, and is a communicative teammate. Requirements: *Be 18 years of age or older, and be willing to sign a NDA *Be comfortable working with PHP, databases, HTML5, and a bit of Javascript - Kasaria uses clean procedural PHP. I can send a code sample if interested *Can pick up from other's code - The first big project will be the battle system, which is at 50% - I also have another programmer, but I will avoid overlaps where possible *Communicate - Skype or Slack preferred, but I can make exceptions Payment: Please include your cost per hour in your message or if you prefer by the script. Payment via paypal. I have a low budget as I'm finishing up my senior year of college. Depending on the month and the urgency of the script, I'm looking to do about $50-100 of work on an average month. The battle script is more urgent, so this is negotiable. Perfect for those who have a little extra time or may be interested in a long-term project down the line. As things progress, the budget can increase. NOTE: If you have a need, I would also be interested in trading art for a portion of the cost. Can provide more work or a custom samples upon request. My portfolio: https://www.pepperishstudio.com/ Application: If this sounds like a job for you, that's great! I can't wait to meet you! Please PM this form, or feel free to respond with questions Name/Nickname: Email: Proficiency in PHP and HTML5: Other skills: Working rate: Would you be interested in trading a portion for art?: How much time can you dedicate per month: Link to some of your work: References and contact info:
  10. Neopets PLOT Begins!

    After a month of teaser dialog, the plot is finally here! Join the newest Faerie, Kaia, and figure out why the Wraiths have returned. --- Fyora has gathered her troops and is finally ready for you to join her at The Faerie Resistance Headquarters in time for The Wraith Resurgence! You've waited patiently for our next adventure and now the time has come for you to make waves and assemble your pets for total domination. Earn rewards as you complete activities to help the Faeries finish this once and for all! To start, we saw Kaia earlier looking to be in some sort of a trance so go see if you can figure out what's wrong. Good luck, the future of Neopia is in your hands… And, while you’re at it, don’t forget - Taelia is in dire need of a potion!! She needs to concoct something so powerful that it brings these Wraiths down! So bring forth your items from your winnings now to help heal your pets and all of Neopia, there really isn't time to waste! --- Will you be trying out Jumpstart's first plot? It's the first one on the site in several years! View full news
  11. Welcome Corleone!

    @Corleone Hey there! It's great to see you again <3 How have you been?
  12. Neopets Turns 18!

    Can you believe it? The pet site most of us started on and grew up with is now 18! Despite this milestone, nothing extra special was released so far this week (except for a free NC Mall goodie bag), but they are gearing up for their first plot in years that should happen any day now. Jumpstart has hired a full time HTML5 developer and have begun revamping the old Flash games behind the scenes in preparation for 2020 when Flash won't be supported anymore, they've added a 5th (6th for Premium users) pet slot, and acknowledged that a new layout is definitely needed. What are some fond memories you have on Neopets, and what do you hope for in the future?
  13. Christmas stuff out before Thankgiving?

    Haha, I remember seeing Hobby Lobby rolling their Christmas stuff out back in June. I still have a few Halloween decorations I haven't been able to pick up, but now that finals are over for me I can put those away. The plan is to start decorating for Christmas on/around Thanksgiving, but it depends on what shifts I'm scheduled at work. Good luck to others working on Thanksgiving/Black Friday!
  14. Halloween Adoptable: Demikin

    YES, another one!!! Thanks for feeding my adoptable addiction <3
  15. Dropping a recommendation here! I create art assets for Vix / Celestial Equine and I have to say she's been one of my favorite clients to work with! She's very pleasant, organized, and thorough with what she needs, is extremely fair with pricing and timelines, and has always been on the ball with fast responses to any questions/updates. I'm sure this translates to any programmers she works with too!

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