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  1. Oh yeah, haven't seen him around at all and I don't expect to. Wouldn't be surprised if he left the petsite niche altogether. I do hope he's in good health though.
  2. @TheLittleMoose - love your art!! Best of luck going full time!
  3. Your work is fantastic!!!
  4. Oh man sorry to hear about that @Digital! I hope your recovery is going along better now and you're on your way to being free from the cast! Glad you are otherwise okay! I actually graduated Spring of last year! I have since kept myself busy with commissions and a promotion to management (retail). Hoping to slowly ease out of management and increase my income with art in the next year or so though, retail sure takes a lot out of me!
  5. Hey, nice to see an update!! Hope you've been doing well @Digital :D
  6. 9 days left but we can do this!!! Eliyo just crossed the $1k mark! There are still plenty of Early Bird spots left, snag em while you can!
  7. NOTE: Due to demand and my current availability, prices have bumped up slightly to $8 per item. I have been doing backgrounds and pet clothing/genetics as well and will edit this post to reflect my prices for that when I reopen. I am currently closed to new commissions for the month of March, but will continue working for current clients. I will accept quotes and reviewing project ideas for April for new clients!
  8. Happy New Year everybody! I hope the year ended well for you, and if not, here's to a much better 2019!!! Does anyone have any exciting plans or resolutions?
  9. @Claws Absolutely! Go ahead and send me a message with what you're looking for
  10. For all who celebrate or just like to get in on the wintry cheer, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  11. Filled it out! I'd be excited to see how the results shape your project
  12. Holy cow @WinterBlues !!! It's been a while since I checked on much around this forum, but there is so much detail and clarity packed in those latest illustrations you posted compared to what I remember from your already polished work just a few months ago! I know it can be hard to see the improvement you want from yourself, but believe me, you're doing it! High quality professional stuff right there Those are fantastic as always @jakdacrowe!! Your work is always so pleasing to look at with a surprising amount of energy
  13. With Halloween right around the corner, I love the pet games that go all out for the season! Some of the best pet designs can be the spooky ones, so share some of your favorites from games you play or from your own game! I'm the most active on Marapets right now, and these are some of my favs... And of course I have to give a shoutout to Neopets for nostalgia
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