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  1. New Years Resolutions!

    Happy New Year everybody! I hope the year ended well for you, and if not, here's to a much better 2019!!! Does anyone have any exciting plans or resolutions?
  2. Game Assets Commissions (OPEN)

    @Claws Absolutely! Go ahead and send me a message with what you're looking for
  3. Merry Christmas!

    For all who celebrate or just like to get in on the wintry cheer, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
  4. Buying large art packs

    Definitely check out @LIZ !
  5. Filled it out! I'd be excited to see how the results shape your project
  6. Show off what you are working on

    Holy cow @WinterBlues !!! It's been a while since I checked on much around this forum, but there is so much detail and clarity packed in those latest illustrations you posted compared to what I remember from your already polished work just a few months ago! I know it can be hard to see the improvement you want from yourself, but believe me, you're doing it! High quality professional stuff right there 👌👀 Those are fantastic as always @jakdacrowe!! Your work is always so pleasing to look at with a surprising amount of energy ❤️
  7. Best Halloween Pet Designs

    With Halloween right around the corner, I love the pet games that go all out for the season! Some of the best pet designs can be the spooky ones, so share some of your favorites from games you play or from your own game! 🎃 I'm the most active on Marapets right now, and these are some of my favs... And of course I have to give a shoutout to Neopets for nostalgia
  8. dress up monster?

    Bumping this since it could be a really cute concept to implement in time for Halloween! Good luck selling ❤️
  9. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Well I'm beyond the point of protection from Paypal to open up a dispute it seems. Thankfully I wasn't paid up too far ahead without work, but the time lost on my project is more devastating than the money at this point. I hope others have better luck!
  10. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    @Lucille Ah, I'm sorry for my misunderstanding! I wish you the best of luck with your Paypal dispute and can get those funds to better use for your game soon!
  11. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    I've found out that some of the projects he marked completed for me were also unfinished, buggy, or not fully set up to work as the guidelines listed. However, just based on my own situation and what I've heard from others, he wasn't always truthful about his progress. I wouldn't hold your breath on paying for the completed code if he returns @Lucille. It's likely that he was only partially started, if at all. Maybe when he didn't have as much on his plate he could catch up, but I think he just took on too more than he could handle and his health kept holding him back. Regardless, it looks like there are way too many projects large and small (more than who have posted here) to excuse this poor business practice. I wish him well and hate to sound so harsh, but there's no reason to have kept us in the dark for so long before just disappearing altogether with so much owed work left behind. I'm going to attempt to open a Paypal dispute as well.
  12. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    @judda The 15th is also the last day I had contact with him. His profile on here shows that his last visit was June 30th though.... But I'm sorry to hear that you've been without communication as well. Today marks two months later with no update... I hope he's alright but some kind of quick communication (at the very least) is really necessary at this point. I hope he does return to refund people.
  13. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Thank you both for letting me know! Sorry to hear that you haven't had any luck either
  14. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Just wanted to bump this and see if anyone has gotten any response or work from @PaulSonny in the last two months? When he last reached out, he mentioned moving and trying to remedy all the owed work, but I haven't gotten any response since then. @Lucille @KingofCrows @hurricaneviolet @Design1online @Martyn
  15. Game Assets Commissions (OPEN)

    Commission Announcements for Late Summer: Hello everyone! I recently got promoted into a management position at my retail job... which means full time!!! I still want to actively take commissions, I just need a little time to balance and get used to it. My current que is full and I hope to clear up most of it by the end of next week, but I am accepting inquiries for work to be started at the end of this month. In fact, I'm looking to pay off $8,000 on my student loans by January 2019 when my grace period ends. My Commissions Trello has been updated to reflect that goal and my progress so far! I appreciate everyone's patience and interest in my work ❤️

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