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  1. Contracts 101

    I definitely agree that a contract lawyer will be your best bet in getting a really tidy and firm contract, especially when you are running a business! However, I know many who are just freelance artists - maybe just as a hobby or for income on the side - that can't/don't see the value in spending that much money on a lawyer for a well reviewed and (hopefully) totally legally sound contract, but shouldn't let that deter them from trying to have something to protect their rights and assets and it can still have legal standing! My post is definitely not exhaustive, and leans more towards artists (as that's how I've learned) - but it's hopefully an informative introduction, and is helpful enough for people to start thinking about contracts and getting one of their own made up! @FearZero - Thank you for sharing some more information! What I quoted above is especially important in our little niche industry and commissions from smaller businesses or individuals - and really good on your part for finding ways to cut off access until the scripts/services are paid for!
  2. fishing game?

    @LIZ You're looking for the Marketplace, right? That and the Game Directory were two features recently removed as announced here: So you should be able to just make a thread on the forum like before to sell your assets 😄
  3. Novilar: Combined updates

    I'm happy to see Novilar in good hands! It was definitely a game built with a lot of love and promise, so I'm excited to see that continue ❤️
  4. Game Assets Commissions (OPEN)

    @mariell Hey there, thanks for asking! The prices above do not include commercial rights. I base that off the intended usage of the art, and what type of asset or illustration it is. Feel free to send me a message with some more details, and I can give you a quote!
  5. Egg Adopt (playing around with new game)

    YES, I love egg adopt games! I'd definitely play this if you continued to develop and launch it 😄 Really loving that wolf.
  6. Recent Changes to the Forums

    Thanks for the update on that! It's an understandable cut. Hopefully we can start to pick up again soon If any art assets are needed for adopts, our mascot, etc - I'd be happy to assist. I'll try to think up some topics to post too!
  7. Hare

    Had a positive experience with @Hare as a client! Very friendly, clear with expectations, no issues with payment, and an overall delight to work with!
  8. Game Assets Commissions (OPEN)

    Commission Announcements for the Summer of 2018: * I have graduated with my BFA in Illustration! 🎉 * Have a commission with me or want to check its status? I've added a link to the first post so you can Check My Commission Que! * I will be on a vacation from the 20th-26th and cannot guarantee updates during this time. * My current que is pretty full for what I can handle, however I may accept a small commission (item batch, character design, etc) to be done by the end of the month once my current que is cleared. * In July and August, I will hopefully be full-time at my day job, but Illustration is my passion and I wish to prioritize building up that work! If you are looking to get some commission work done, please reach out to me for a quote and I can schedule you in! Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! ❤️
  9. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Has anyone since heard from Paul? It shows he was online about 3 hrs ago and wasn't sure if he was beginning to make his rounds to communicate clients.
  10. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Update: I have again lost contact with @PaulSonny Additionally I messaged him here on TGL yesterday, but Discord was supposed to be the best way to reach him. If anyone is in touch with him could you please send him my way, this code is crucial to my game's development and I have been waiting on it since the start of the year. Thank you!
  11. Hello!

    Hey there @Mew - It's great to see you again! Glad you made your way to this forum! Sounds like you've kept yourself busy, and moderating for furrynetwork sounds awesome. How are you liking it over there? I tried it out a while ago and really liked some of the options and interface, but I think it was a little too new to get much visibility so I haven't really touched it since. I may have to give it another shot!
  12. Missing In Action: PaulSonny

    Has anyone heard from @PaulSonny ? I have had sparse communication and updates from him in a while, and have not heard from him in almost 2 months. If anyone could send him my way, I'd appreciate it!
  13. Looking for friends :3

    Hey there, nice to meet you! Do you currently play any pet sites or sim games? (Besides Neopets, I'm guessing!) Also feel free to add me on Neopets, my username there is zeedox !
  14. Real Species, Fictional Species or Both?

    Definitely both, though I really love mixed or complete fantasy creatures! If it's based off of real animals, I prefer them to be a little dynamic with the pose, art, or color possibilities The rest of the game is really make or break on whether or not I'll stay and play though!
  15. New Layout

    "Peaceful Pines" sounds so relaxing, and looks great!

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