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  1. Jacobi has been hard at work, scouring the lands of Terrafrost to find the latest and greatest Companions out there! His adventures have led him to a treasure trove of legendary loot... and now, he's bringing them to you! Aren't these adorable? Travel over to Jacobi's Companion Reserve to meet these cute collectible Companions! Starting today, Jacobi will now have the Needlemouse, Yossi, Spyre, and Skullder Companions in stock! Whether you prefer your Companions to roll around at the speed of sound, make you squee every time they 'mlem', gather a beautiful hoard of glistening gems, or help you decorate your home for Phantasmoire, there's a Companion for you! So pay Jacobi a visit, and adopt your Pet a new Companion today! We have done some updated Item categorizing and suggest keeping up with the IcePets Change Log to stay informed! View the full article
  2. Happy Hump Day!!!! Hope everyone's week is going smooth and you are either working hard or hardly working lol. We want to start out by saying that we have some amazing entrys in the Dainen fan art contest. They are ALL so CUTE!!! We are actually sitting at a 3 way tie at the moment! @Shard, @eek & @TiffyTiff are all sitting at 10 hearts each!!! We have until 8 pm EST today for you to cast your final vote! There are also some entries with 8 and 6 hearts, so it's a close contest. Anyone can take it Today, we wanted to show our usual glow up of our pet spotlight of the week. Check out how the Pocku used to look, back in the day, versus how it looks now! Pocku's can be found in any type of climate, but they seem to store more energy when they are in colder, icy climates. You might have noticed that Pocku's have fur. That is a unique trait through evolution. Because of this fur, they can adapt to any type of climate on land, unlike the Pocku's counterpart, the Pocka, that is found in the water. We hope everyone has a great rest of the week! Make sure you vote on your favorite Dainen fan art, as well as submit your art for the Pocku! Talk soon, @Heffrad & @Howey View the full article
  3. Change is coming... First day of fall is here, which means.... Arctic tokens are in! Which also means, Forest Tokens are on their way out... 5 of each in stock, when they run out they're out until Spring. Goodbye our floral-y friends! See you next year. View the full article
  4. A much requested feature is finally live: you can now search forum thread titles. This should make it easier to see if someone has already posted about a subject. [site-image id="80"] Using it is pretty straightforward: enter the word or words you want ot search for and click the button. If you want to search for a specific phrase, enclose it in double quotes: "Pup Predictor". Search is not case sensitive, so you can search for Pup, pup pUP or PUP and get the same results. Short common words (like a, an and the) are ignored. If I recall, it only indexes words that are three or more characters long. We really wanted to open it up to search individual posts as well as titles, but searching for posts often dragged down the server for many seconds and slowed things down for everybody. We landed on title search as a useful compromise and we hope you find it useful. Enjoy! View the full article
  5. Our birthday celebration ends midnight the 22nd of September. Make sure you grab what you want ASAP! View the full article
  6. We are opening up testing to all P3 users today! If you would like to help test our upcoming back-end update please join us here: Testing Server: https://nibato.com/ Testing Discord: https://discord.gg/JCAKqzTB You can read more about what this update is, what has changed, and what are are doing in this news post: [ Click Here ] View the full article
  7. New Frames Three new frames have arrived and are ready to be used by your Lythians! These can now be previewed at the Frame Previewer tool. These items have also been added to the item catalog: Frame of Infinity, Truffle's Frame, and Unidentified Framing Object. In addition to the new frames, a "Flip" button has been added to the Lythian framing page which will allow you to flip your Lythian's image horizontally within their frame. View the full article
  8. Afternoon, all! What a week we had with the Dainen spotlight! We had some interesting lore behind it, as well as some really cool looking fan art submissions. Remember, you have until Wednesday at 8PM EST to vote on your favorite submission! The good thing about Monday, is that we have a whole new pet to spotlight!! And this week, we are going to take a further dive into the mysterious pet Pocku. When several Pocku gather together, they come up with clever schemes to outwit their adversaries. Not only can it run very quickly on land, it can swim faster than most sea creatures! Pocku are very wise, they love making friends with humans and they can often be seen giving advice to other creatures. The original origins of the Pocku are somewhat unknown, but they seem to stem from a magical fruit that you can garden. We wonder if anyone has happen to come across this magical fruit And of course! We will be having our weekly fan art contest. We are excited to see what your interpretation is for this mysterious pet! The rules for the contest will be the same as last weeks. All submissions will be due by this Sunday at 8 PM EST and the winner will be decided upon by the most reactions on the post. You'll have until Wednesday, September 29 at 8 PM EST to react to your favorite post. The winner will get a whopping 1,000 tickets to the Ticket Counter PLUS the seed packet that can create this magical pet! Good luck everyone!!! Talk soon! @Heffrad & @Howey View the full article
  9. Good morning SensiFolks, The spookiest month is coming and we have some goodies and gags coming with it. A big focus of ours right now is on stabilizing the site (do not want it going down again), as well as refining some of the awesome features we have (specially with all the feedback we've been receiving). We have some other quality of life updates coming this week and next too! I am looking for some feedback though - we've heard a LOT about stacking inventory items. Specially with the new seeds coming out. While updating, the reordering concept is becoming tricky. So we wanted to get some feedback from the users about this! Please respond with one (or more) of the following reactions to help us understand your opinion - or bring up a different opinion by responding to this post in the Forums. - I enjoy reordering items in my inventory/vault. - I enjoy dragging items to different locations in my inventory/vault. - I would like items to stack in my inventory/vault. - I would like a mass-move tool to move around my items - I would like to use items on the "my pets" screen instead of inventory. Really appreciate everyone's opinion and feedback! More updates VERY soon! TTFN~ @Howey and @Heffrad View the full article
  10. What is a Code Derg? kohd · durg - - a hard working, once upon a time, known as commando, mythical being who magically makes fantastic changes to the site when no one is looking. He does this when no one is looking because...well we'll let this comic do all of the talk. What is going on? Code Derg has done a lot this year, so we wanted to offer an outlet for appreciation as per request from some of our users. If you'd like to post some love for our Code Derg, you can do so over HERE . Thank you so much Code Derg for all you do, and for always dealing with my difficult requests. We love you bunches and are so lucky to have you! View the full article
  11. Raffle Result This weeks raffle was won by mochihugs. They received 2,456,100 IP! Game Trophies The latest trophies have been awarded, and the leaders are as follows: Catch First Place, with a score of 239: Wooziness Second Place, with a score of 120: whereisthendCoined First Place, with a score of 48800: tishybug Second Place, with a score of 30070: dragonshinx Third Place, with a score of 24480: ghostghostIce Breaker First Place, with a score of 23750: Madgoat Second Place, with a score of 18320: catboy Third Place, with a score of 12790: KenpachiIce Snake First Place, with a score of 155: gummyratz Second Place, with a score of 85: whereisthendJar Match First Place, with a score of 1652: Fearless Second Place, with a score of 1335: k_liandra Third Place, with a score of 1211: tishybugRed vs Blue First Place, with a score of 11: Wooziness Second Place, with a score of 8: whereisthendSharshel Says First Place, with a score of 6500: Scrubcubus Second Place, with a score of 5060: AceRabbit, bibliopossum Third Place, with a score of 2850: Kenpachi, Wooziness, BassinetSurvivor First Place, with a score of 128: Wooziness Second Place, with a score of 116: whereisthend Third Place, with a score of 74: nitrochargeView the full article
  12. It be talk like a pirate day tomorrow! (TLAPD) Th' pumas are gettin' an early start on thin's! I hope ye scallywags have lots 'o pence to spend! There be some new pirate loot in Catspawrilla's Cache happy adventurin' View the full article
  13. Hey guys, it's time for a new round of trivia. This time, it's about stripes! Just wanted to make a notice -- If you have any issues with the trivia answers, please do not PM the staff about it. Instead, submit a report to the modbox under the BUGS category. If there really is a bug or something wrong about the trivia, we will check it over and act accordingly. Thank you!View the full article
  14. Hello!!!!! Just wanted to drop in and say HAPPY FRIDAY!! Also, I found this really cute pic of Dainen that we call the Derpy Dainen. What do you think about it?? Also, we have until tomorrow at 8PM EST to submit your fan art for Dainen. Don't miss out on your opportunity to win 1000 tickets!! That's all for now! @Heffrad & @Howey View the full article
  15. The newest health food craze is sweeping across Terrafrost! No longer will your Pet have to take their Vitamins as boring old tablets - they can now drink them in fermented tea beverages of their favorite flavors! That's right, we're overhauling the old Vitamin Item Set and replacing it with some brand new Kombucha Items! Your Pet can try these healthy new beverages in a variety of flavors. You can purchase the Lemon Ginger Kombucha, Peach Pie Kombucha, Blueberry Kombucha, and Strawberry Kombucha right away at the Glacial Grocer. These new Items have replaced the old Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D Items respectively. But wait - there's more! Your Pet may be thinking: "Hmm, what other flavors are available?" And we have the answer to that! You can purchase the brand new Mint Lime Kombucha and the Blackberry Vanilla Kombucha from the Glacial Grocer as well! You may also be awarded these delicious drinks from the Candy Quest immediately, so start questing! These beverages will be requested by the Space Quest starting in one week. If you are having trouble seeing the new artwork, try doing a hard refresh using Ctrl+F5 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+R on Mac. The Snowman Quest will be buffed this weekend! From September 17th to September 19th, 23:59:59 Icepets Time, the daily quest limit is doubled, along with the prizes! Get on that questing, everyone! View the full article
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