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  1. 07/03/2020 Update Notes -Battle music has been added to the game -FAQ section added detailing elemental strengths and weaknesses. -Skill attack grids have been added to the individual pet pages. -Sign up page now has a space to put who referred you. More details regarding the referral system will be announced in the coming days as it is implemented.
  2. New updates: Passive Skills --- -All creatures now have passive skills that unlock up until level 20. These can be viewed on the skills section of your pet. Battle Controls --- -Attack and healing skills now binded to 1-3 keys. -End turn skill now binded to X and 0 keys. -Switching targets now binded to Q and E keys. -Executing an attack now binded to ENTER key.
  3. This Wednesday and Thursday we will open up our gameplay to the public (original alpha content plus new changes to the game)
  4. Small video preview
  5. It's been a while since we posted updates, so we thought we would let you all know that things are proceeding as planned. With the exception of the battle system, we have fully implemented music and sound effects into the game. The positive impacts of these are a lot bigger than we thought they would be and it really helped define the feel for the game, especially the music. There is more coming, but for starters you can hear our overture on the login screen, and our menu music everywhere else. When it comes to the avatar system, we have added many more choices you can choose from, as well as a secondary hair color option to add even more uniqueness to your avatar. We are looking forward to see everyone's personal avatar! And of course, we will be adding more as time goes on. Battling has received some updates to make it a little bit more flashy, such as the whole screen shaking when your pet has a critical attack. There is more being planned out from this perspective that we will be implementing as time allows. From a story perspective, we have been working on defining the main characters in the story, planning out general guidelines of where we want to go, and implementing a cutscene engine. There is still much work to do, but rest assured that we are making progress. We look forward to seeing you all during our beta phase!
  6. Haven't updated this in a while, so here is a list of new updates: -Music has been added to the game -Sound effects have been added to the game -Began development of cutscene system -Minor graphical improvements to the battle system
  7. Thank you! We are excited to see what players make when we go live!
  8. Although we closed our alpha, we have been hard at work on different features. One new update is that we have added in secondary hair colors:
  9. 5 new male hairstyles, 3 new facial hair styles, and 6 new female hairstyles are now available!
  10. One more hairstyle we just added:
  11. 6 new male hairstyles, 5 new facial hair styles, and 4 new female hairstyles are now available!
  12. https://www.exabyss.com/ Our avatar system has been released! You can access it from the Explore page and begin customizing your own character. More options are coming, don't worry!
  13. New creatures released!
  14. After you determine the technologies you are using on the front and back-end, the best place to start would probably be programming a secure registration + login/authentication system and working on integrating your layout into the site. And yes, I agree with your last point, it is helpful to know how to program in a variety of positions so it is not a loss by any means.
  15. Hello and welcome! A lot of your questions are totally dependent on what you negotiate with your programmer. I personally highly recommend you learn coding yourself and trying to code some of your ideas. At the very least, you can get a gauge of how much effort things are work-wise and also understand some of the core concepts. Hiring an experienced programmer is very expensive and there is always a possibility they can up and leave, forcing you to get more programmers familiar with your code base and causing possible security issues. Realistically speaking, the virtual pet industry is hard to break into, and you need both talent and a lot of luck in order to succeed. It is also extremely time consuming and there are many expenses required. Can you see yourself still wanting to run it after 2 years along with doing freelance art and possibly an unrelated full time position? It is something you should consider deeply, and this isn't to scare you, but a lot of people have failed at this, and I would say the virtual pet industry has shrunk a lot since the days of Neopets and will continue to do so.
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