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  1. How old you are. - 55 What your gender is. - Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Florida, Jacksonville What you do / What you are studying. DarkSouls Series, Owner Mythodreas, Life. How many pets (and/or) kids you have. Have 1 dog - Snowflake 2 kids and several adopted like ones
  2. What... did you hear that right? Mythodreas will be releasing their first Familiar feature Saturday, at 9pm EST? You did hear right! Saturday, 9pm EST, the first Familiar story will be released and accessible by Beta and Guides for the next phase of debugging. This story will include choosing an alignment and receiving your first Familiar. This release will not be available to regular users until further notice. All familiars and items received from this feature will be removed and reset once it is determined that the feature is bug free. Soon we will not be accepting anymore Beta Testers. If you're interested then apply at http://mythodreas.com/employmentBeta.php Mythodreas - Beta Tester Application Mythodreas is a 100% free, fun-filled, Ageless oriented community with tons of things to do, games to play, and places to explore. Choose from a wide variety of species and begin your journey today! mythodreas.com Tell them Kyrhayo says she's thirsty....being in the hot desert is just dehydrating. Mythodreas Administration
  3. Very cool, neat idea for those that don't code well and need something relatively easy but adaptable. Kuddos.
  4. Mythodreas.com The Land of Myths and Dreams Awaits You... It's been too long, hasn't it? We're sorry you've had to wait so long! Mythodreas will be relaunching June 22nd at 8pm EST as Mythodreas Beta. We will no longer be recognized as just a virtual (pet)creature site, instead we will be recognized as the site dedicated to providing its users with a user-interactive, story-based, and decision-driven world with a virtual (pet)creature feature. This new path will involve new features such as story based quests and content that, depending on your decision, will affect how Mythodreas will look and feel. The relaunch will bring you a whole new world where you can become the hero or the villain based on your decisions, the links between you and your Familiars (pets)creatures, your achievements, your alignment and pantheon - choose between Light, Dark, or Neutral, and so much more! We will start fresh which means that all user and pet accounts will be wiped clean as of June 22nd. In addition, all shops, inventory, and clubs have been deleted so that you may start anew! Come join us on the grand opening! What have we fixed and added, might you ask? -(Shops)Markets across Mythodreas restock normally! -Your (pets)creatures grow up and have affected stats again! -Your username can be changed with this new and improved Mythodreas if you get bored of the first one you choose! -You are the hero or the villain and can choose to start with an alignment and either protect Mythodreas, sit back and enjoy Mythodreas, or help the Obscured in destroying it! -We're adding user-subscriptions so you can keep better in touch with your friends' and forums' activities! -So much more, if we were to tell you all of it then it would surely spoil the fun! We would like to remind you that Mythodreas is still undergoing reconstruction, and is currently considered to be a Beta site. This means that Mythodreas will be releasing new content and features, and discovering and fixing bugs, errors, and glitches that the web developer may have not noticed. Don't be alarmed if you see any errors, bugs, or glitches, we are working on them as fast as we can! If you wish to join us in helping us get out of the beta stage then apply for a Beta Tester, Web Developer, or Artist position (just go to our site and click "here")! The Gatekeeper sends its regards! Mythodreas Admin Let's all pretend that we didn't see that Lottery Results article, yes? Also, we're so sorry about that odd little bug in User Stalls, but we're happy to say that it's been fixed! At this time, we only have one shop Mascot, but don't worry, the Gecko won't be the only Mascot for long! User Stalls feature is now officially up and running! At this time, there will be no option for a stall to become a Gallery. We will be looking into an alternative if our users still wish for a Gallery feature. This means that you can have a rare or retired item in your stall that can cost over 20k Pence! Due to User Stalls having to be re-programmed, all accounts that had a User Stall have been reset. We're sorry for the inconvenience! Missives has acquired a new design! It's still a work in progress, and has not been set for all Missive functions such as Compose and Reply. However, when you first click a missive, you can see what we mean! Thank our wonderful Alchemist Seeker, Farore, for it! Allies can now be found in Missives via the Choose button, and can be sent items from your Satchel. We're planning to clean up the alerts it gives as it uses an old theme from the Pre-Mytho days. Mythodreas Administration Visit Our FaceBook Page, There now...Everywhere Later...Stay Tuned for Updates View full game
  5. Thanks, we have a long road ahead of us but we are still here.lol.
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