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  1. @Aspen Ah, I don't know if I'd be comfortable asking for anything free lol. But still, I really do love the crayon style lineart!
  2. I really love the style of those FR dragons! Do you have an art shop on the site?
  3. True! I thrive being alone. You like the idea of having a wide variety of pet animals in your house/property rather than just cats and dogs.
  4. I've been here for a while, but I guess its not *too* late to introduce myself, right? I am currently 31 years old and from the southern US. On petsites I usually go by Rayquaza or Fuzzball (can also be "TheFuzzball" or "Fuzzball89"). In real life, I'm simply a part-time dog bather. I like to play Nintendo games (right now I'm pretty much only on my Switch). I have 2 cats: Glitch and Kaida, and a small dog (chihuahua/jack russel mix) Eevee.
  5. I would say out of the many sites I'm registered, my favorite is Flightrising. Second is Icepets, then third is Goatlings. Anything that's not FR I'm kinda cautious about getting attached to, because I've had a few favorite sites shut down.
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