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  1. Bunny-like adopts! 6-10-2019 I bloody died drawing this, but the honeycombs do look good! 14-10-19 Deer Rider - 27-10-19
  2. Yeah, most of the sites I've played have cel-shaded art styles. As far as I know, the only art site I've seen with quite realistic images is Felisfire, and thanks to that, item art is not a quick job. Lioden is semi-realistic, but it still has line art.
  3. Looking for commissions, prices negotiable. My Deviantart for more art examples: https://www.deviantart.com/rushingstream I'm also up for art trades of my beautiful chicken with human legs! https://toyhou.se/3079267.richard-thunder-thighs Item Art: Larger images: Creature Art: Background: Credit for sand texture: https://www.freepik.com
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