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  1. -Closing this down-
  2. @Digital Please close this topic, work found, thanks!
  3. Programmer for hire, willing to give discounted price due to emergency financial situation. DM me
  4. (Click logo to visit site) Hello, citizens! This month's staff-designed companions have been released! There are eight of these unique companions running around out there. These February-themed critters hope to offer a peek into what the month has to offer-- the hint of spring that promptly gets squashed by what's left of winter, the trials and tribulations of love and courtship, the candy... We hope you get a chance to encounter them! Once captured, they'll be specially marked with a permanent tag so you'll always remember how special they are! You'll be able to name them, but the tag on their profile will declare the name given by the designer. Keep an eye out for: Spitfyre's designs, Blue Rose, Taffy and BubbleGum, and Step by Step: ShadowStriker's Bitter Love and Pretty in Pink: Ellelamental's Sweet Dreams and Chocolate-covered Cherry: and Cybura's Heart Crusher! -------------- In other releases, we have a long-awaited new item in the Token Shop! "The Stuff," which sends companions back a life stage, can now be purchased for 5 tokens. Just...don't ask what's in it. We've tried. The alchemist is really good at deflecting those kinds of questions. -------------- Finally, citizens, if you are Alpha- or Beta- rank, you should have received the poll asking your opinion about the future of Alpha & Beta. If you can't find it in your inbox, be sure to check that it hasn't gone elsewhere. Again, if you no longer have access to the account you used for signup, let one of us know so we can help you have your say! It's very important to us that you're all involved in this major decision, so please take a couple of minutes to read through our proposal and give us your opinion. Thanks for your time! Enjoy February in Cybura, and be sure to let us know what you think about the updates by commenting here!
  5. Hello again, citizens! We've got a lot of news for you, so I'll try to keep it as short and sweet (oh, and it is sweet) as possible. --------------------Major Structural Changes-------------------- ---There is now a limit of 100 companions per user. This space is shared among a user's citizens, so no matter how many citizens you have working for you, the number of possible companions is still 100. When you reach the limit on companions, you will no longer be able to breed companions until you make some space. You also can't tame any new companions until you have open slots. This goes hand-in-hand with some new features discussed below. You will, however, still be able to hatch existing eggs; nothing bad will happen to your little egglets! -- ---The Bad Word Filter is now operational! You can access this tool through the PC settings on your User Panel. This allows you to block/replace any instances of words you'd rather not interact with. -- ---Restructuring Alpha & Beta is something we're heavily considering. We've been working on what to do to allow more players to participate while maintaining the value of Alpha & Beta access for players who were able to purchase them. If you are an Alpha or Beta user, you will soon be receiving an email with a poll to assess your opinions on this matter. If you no longer have access to the email you used for signup, let an official know, and we'll get you access. --------------------New Features & Feature Updates-------------------- ---Due to an increase in the number of citizens maintaining large numbers of companions, we are pleased to announce that the Anti-Combat Zone now hosts an Adoption Agency! In addition to managing the taming shop, Amaya, the thoughtful NPC who runs the agency, will help you place a companion up for adoption, help you find an available companion to adopt, and even facilitate the sale and purchase of companions...though Amaya's not too keen on that last part. Use the agency responsibly, and treat your companions with compassion! -- For the less sentimental or more expedient, companions may also be released back into the wild. They will remain in the wild population until caught by another citizen or cycled out of the site population. The release option can be found on each companion's individual profile page. Please take care when releasing, as you may not run into your companion again! -- ---Companions may now also be swapped and auctioned! These features behave exactly like item swaps and auctions, and are accessed exactly the same way. Just choose the "Companion" option instead of "Item!" With the ability to trade companions, release them, and place them for adoption, it should be simpler to keep new companions cycling through your stables. -- ---You may have noticed another new option on your user panel-- the Research App! This creature index will help you keep track of the types and stages of companions you encounter. It will record data on companions you meet in the wild, even if you flee, but you must enter the encounter space! -- ---Now that Prof. Osmond isn't handling the Taming Shop, he's back in his lab full-time! Bringing by companions of different species and life stages will unlock new forum avatars for you to use. For example, bringing by an adult Saber will unlock the adult Saber avatar in your PC Settings. Be sure to bring babies, adults, elders, evolutions, and elites for our favorite scientist to examine, and he'll reward you for your contributions to his research! -- ---In addition to the above changes, we've got more for you to look forward to! Beginning in February, there will be companions available in the wild that have been designed by Cybura officials. There will only be a handful of them, blending in amongst wild populations, so be on the lookout. We hope you like them! -- --- Token shop Monthly Spotlight. Each month a new outfit set will arrive at the Token Shop! February's outfits are sharp, and come in nice bright colors to kick off the new year the right way. The items will be available only until the end of the month and then the next outfit will roll out, try them on, and be sure to grab them while they're in stock! --------------------Minor Updates-------------------- ---To the best of our knowledge, Halloween rewards have gone out to those waiting for them. Please let officials know if this is not the case! -- ---New OCs have entered the world of Cybura, be sure to grab yourself a Custom Outfit Voucher at the Token Shop to bring in your very own! (Click to see larger images)
  6. Oho! Looking good! Can't wait to see more from this!
  7. Looks neat! Should the Gem's background be transparent though? Right now it is showing as a light gray it seems.
  8. Hello Citizens of Cybura! Today we have another update for you! The most noticeable change being discussion posts! Here, have a look for yourselves and let us know what you think! (Click to see larger image) Some changes made to discussions are: - Updated discussion view style - Discussion Badges for player roles - Active Character now shows in left panel - Active Character's team of companions now show in left panel - Sub replies can now be used when creating a discussion - Player status message - Forum Vistas & Backgrounds (in case you haven't noticed tee-hee) Next on the list, we have a long overdue feature that will make all of our lives MUCH easier. Say hello to the "Quick Action" feature! (Click to see larger image) Lastly, here is a (somewhat lengthy) list of some changes that have been made: - Random avatar is no longer given at registration, also removed from all current players accounts. - "Choose A Realm" event has been removed, will be added in a different way when we are ready for beta. - "Meet Prof. Osmond" Mission changed location to his lab. Also instead of receiving a message, notification is done through telepathy. Event text shortened. Egg hatching requirement decreased to 5 unique page loads. - Alpha weekend & 1hr. Alpha trial is no longer a thing. - All players can create their first character & Hatch their first companion. Non Alpha Players cannot go further than this in regards to story and missions but may be able to participate partially in site-wide events. - Non-Alpha players can access swaps but can only have 5 swaps at one time. - Non-Alpha players can access Auctions. - Non-Alpha players can access Player Shops, Including creating their own but cannot edit shop description or greeting. Cannot upgrade shop or price items for tokens. - Non-Alpha players may accept friend requests but not send them. - Non-Alpha players may receive messages and reply to them but not send any. - Non-Alpha players can access Travel Bag. - Non-Alpha players cannot update companion's description. - Non-Alpha players can access the Dyeing Machine. - Non-Alpha players can receive gifts but not send them. - Non-Alpha players can use shop search. - Travel Bags now have a starting capacity of 50. Players may collect items that exceed that capacity in some cases (For example events), but will not have access to their travel bag, only the quick action page where they will need to get their capacity to 50 or below. Travel bags are still a thing to be used to upgrade max capacity. - Drag to empty slot has been removed for travel bag, but drag to stack is still active. - Storage now has a starting capacity of 50. - Mission system core reworked. - Eden/Gardening event altered. - Welcome Gift now includes 500 coins & 500 Bytes + 5 of each basic taming object (give after character creation). - Fixed Character Creation cropping issue. - Baby Avatar for All Species are now obtainable. - Halloween Pre-Launch items have been handed out. - Story Missions Now show rewards received. - Mission icon on explore map.
  9. Sword Art Online, season 3. Just recently found out (like a week ago) that season 3 was airing. I am a huuuuge fan of the series. I used to watch plenty of anime but I have been away from it for like 2 years now watching non-animated tv series and also movies (animate and non-animated but not anime).
  10. Visit Us At: Cybura.com Hello everyone! We are posting this update to inform you of the Black Friday sale that is now active in the token shop. The black Friday sale will end November 26th, 2018 at 11:59pm. Thank you for playing Cybura!
  11. Hello, I am the creator and programmer of: http://www.cybura.com/ (Everything there programmed by me built-on laravel framework). Currently I am in urgent need of funds by Thursday and am looking to take on some programming work. So if you need a new feature done, or a looking to have a bug or two squashed then PM me or add me to discord: lyro#7560 Looking forward to working with you soon, thanks!
  12. Hello, citizens! Plenty of news to go around today. Firstly, the companions participating in the All Hallows' Design Contest have finished parading through the Officials' Headquarters! In the midst of cleaning up the fur and footprints, staff were able to get a good look at each of the models. An odd man with even odder eyebrows deposited these companions at our doorstep, quickly rattling off information about the citizens responsible for their creation. When one of our clerks attempted to contact the man for more details, they discovered that both the man and his mysterious lab seemed to have vanished... While we are baffled as to circumstances of this invasion, we're happy to present the winners of our All Hallows' Design Contest! In the Spooky Scary Companion category: In 1st place is Lunar_Redux, with The Warden! The runner-up is TheIronPoet, with Beast Bound by Twilight! ---- As for the Most Enticing of Candy Wrappers: In 1st place is Garlic, with Candy Corn! The runner-up is Munchkins, with Sweettarts! ---- And in the Animal Disguises category: 1st place is TheIronPoet, with the Luna Moth! The runner-up is Garlic, with the Orca! ---- As a reminder, the first-place winner from each category will receive the companion they designed, and second-place winners in each category will receive a Halloween grab bag! If you are a first-place winner, be sure to send the details of your design to Spitfyre soon so we can get your companion made! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secondly, we're excited to announce that we've finished clearing out and warding off the nearby meadow. Through a truly inspiring collaboration of citizens from both realms, the meadow has become a safe place for nurturing new companions. That's right...nests and incubation are now available! This means that all the grass, twigs, and straw you've been collecting can be put to practical use! You can now add them as resources, and they'll become available for nest building and maintenance when you visit your nest location. So, don't stop collecting them! You'll need to keep your nests in good condition, to make sure your egg is getting what it needs from its environment-- the worse the condition of the nest, the longer it takes the egg to hatch! In the future, we hope to be able to clear other locales for nesting zones, but the meadows will serve for now! Be sure to review the pamphlet on egg and nest care before proceeding, provided below for convenience: What to Expect When You're Eggspecting --If You Build It... ----One nest requires 20 grass, 5 straw, and 10 twigs. ----Twigs may be found in the field, but grass and straw must be cultivated. --Neatness Counts! ----Eggs in nests in the best possible condition mature at a rate of one stage every 24 hours. ----Eggs in nests in good condition mature at a rate of one stage every 36 hours. ----Eggs in nests in bad condition mature at a rate of one stage every 48 hours. --Species Matters! ----Sharks must be surrounded by water on all sides in order to mature. ----Ice Dragons must be kept on ice in order to mature. ----Kitsunes take a bit longer to mature than others. --Show Some Love! ----When an egg is ready to hatch, be sure to keep it close to you! Mature eggs (full/green progress bar) must be part of your team, exploring the site with you for a time before finally hatching. --Best-Case Scenarios ----Sabers in regular nests in the best condition are ready to hatch in 5 days. ----Kitsunes in regular nests in the best condition are ready to hatch in 7 days. ----Sharks in nests in the best condition, surrounded by water, are ready to hatch in 5 days. ----Ice Dragons in nests in the best condition, cooled down with a healthy application of refrigerant (available in the token shop) are ready to hatch in 5 days. And be sure to say hello to Pumpkin, the first baby hatched in the new nursery!
  13. Hiya! Quick little update regarding our Halloween festivities. Our design contest starts tonight, and ends on the 30th. You have two whole weeks to dream up your most spooky, most sweet, most disguised companions! You can head over to this thread here to take a look at the rules and more specific ideas! We're looking forward to see what all you creative geniuses can come up with!
  14. Woot! Update time! As you all know, Halloween is coming up, and we have some fun things planned for all of you. Cybura is proud to announce its brand-new moderation team. Following the closure of mod apps, we selected two outstanding applicants to be our first moderators. Please congratulate both @Ellelemental and @ShadowStrike(r), who are our new mods in training. Please feel to break them in, just not too much. Additionally, Cybura is looking into creating our very own writing and art teams. We are looking for artists who can match the current style of art. Artists would be tasked with a variety of projects, including, but not limited to backgrounds, characters, items, and markings. If you are interested in applying, you can find the artist applications here. Artist applications will be open for 3 weeks. The deadline for artist applications is October *, 2018, 11:59 pm CT, extensions may be given to applicants, but messages requesting them must be sent to Spitfyre no later than October *-3. To become a part of our writing team, you can find the application here. The application will be open for two weeks, and will close October *, 2018, 11:59 pm CT. Writers will be focusing in developing site lore, as well as working on item and page descriptions. Halloween, which I’m sure is what everyone is looking forward to, will be celebrated this year with two events. Staff will be running a design contest! Please be prepared to design your scariest, spookiest companions. The contest will be launched soon, so keep an eye out for it. We will also be having a Premium Halloween Event too! Yet another mystery occurring in the Haunted Forest, and this time it is not Trick-or-Treat Buckets laying about but rather large, creepy looking Jack-O-Lanterns instead! Officials have no idea where they come from and advise all Citizens to keep clear of the Haunted Forest! But not all Citizens are listening to this warning, they need to see the "Evil Jacks" for themselves, some would swear that they were being followed, some even claim that they have heard the Jacks speak! And well... some even resort to crushing the poor things with a Demonic Mallet, due to the rumor going around that you will find items inside the Evil Jack if you do. And there is a second rumor that claims if you call for the Evil Jack by shouting "Oh Evil Jaaack!", then they are guaranteed to appear... Welp! Guess there is only one way to find out! *takes out Demonic Mallet* "Oh Evil Jaaack~!" So, this year, our Halloween Event will run similar to the 15 Days of Christmas one, except with 31 all new spooky items, a bonus item for those who place at least one Demonic Mallet on each day and a Super Bonus for those who max out by placing 5 Mallets per day! Super bonus will be an exclusive outfit chest that contains a full, themed outfit! So here's a quick summary on how this event works. First, purchase however many quantities of Demonic Mallet you want from the Token Shop. Next visit the event's page located under the "Play" tab to place your Mallets on the desired days, if you place multiple on one day then you will receive multiple of that day's item(s). Also, remember that you MUST place your mallets BEFORE each event day begins, if the day has begun or passed, you will no longer be able to place mallets on that day, so be sure to start placing immediately! And that's it! Wait for the event to start on October 07, 2018 and you will receive a popover like below each day and well... SMASH THOSE EVIL JACKS AND GET WHAT'S YOURS! (Click to see larger image) Lastly, Lyro has been hard at work fixing bugs. Here are the bugs which have been fixed, and the bugs that are currently in the process of being fixed. ~Bugged companions should no longer be appearing. We have compiled a list of bugged companions and are slowly working through fixing them all manually. ~Grass is now functioning correctly. Look forward to the next update with nests!
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