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  1. Hello! ^^ I'm going to be creating an item resource pack for those looking to start off with their games! Right now, I'm looking for suggestions of what I could add to it. Please keep suggestions as non-specific as you can! For example, say "Various Cat Breeds", not "Persian Cat, Siamese Cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc.". Keep responses in a list format to reduce spam! All items will be 250x250 px and will be rendered in a toony/semi-realistic style. I'll have a free pack available with a majority of the items, and a purchasable pack that includes PSDs, more alternate versions, and bonus items! I'm not currently looking for work, but if you want more specific items please PM me about what you're interested in! I can do pretty much any art style but my work isn't free. I'll give you a quote if I'm interested!
  2. Hey everyone! I'd like to move my ARPG to its own site; it's grown too large in content to be contained entirely on Discord. I'm a beginner at coding but I'm a fast learner, and I'm willing to pick up and try anything! I was wondering, what do you all use to build your sites? Are there any resources you can recommend? What coding language is best for something like this? And is there anything I would be better off avoiding? Thank you very much!! ?
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