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  1. Does anyone else remember CB (creaturebreeder.com)? Well, it's almost dead, but it can be revived! We just need to spark new interest in it and help the creators in any way we can. So, the jist of CB is that you breed many different virtual pets (pretty realistic genetics btw) and watch them run about on your farm. You can also decorate your farm to make stunning designs. It was a huge part of my childhood and even today I find it fun at age 19. Here's the issue. Everyone has forgotten about it. It used to have a great userbase, but now it's hard to find anyone even online anymore. And, I don't know much about computers, but apparently Flash is dying in 2020 too? So we need to find a way around that as it RUNS on Flash. And before you start, if you have the problem of not being able to feed your creatures or move things around your farm, add CB to your approved websites list with Flash. Type the following link: http://www.creaturebreeder.com Include the http:// and everything. This is a super common problem and if you still need help please let me know. Anyway I just think it would be a shame if such a gem was just allowed to fall to pieces. This website needs a little love, but it's not over yet. Please crosspost this and spread the word any way you can. We need a new generation of players to pull things back together. I am palebluedot on CB, if anyone wants to talk to me on there. I'd be happy to start you out with some free creatures. Let's see if we can't at least try to keep this thing alive? Thanks for reading.
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