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  1. Stripe.com

    @GeekGirl You need Paypal Pro for that. For me personally it's useless because it's not available for businesses outside US and UK. My client is from US but still they have issues with it. They weren't approved for PayPal Pro even though they are a completely legal successful medium sized company. I don't feel comfortable providing any specific details about them, but the rejection reason was related to their business model which is very close to what we do here.
  2. Stripe.com

    My major client uses Stripe in addition to Paypal. Users still prefer Paypal, but Stripe allows to setup payments directly on your site (providing a few steps less in the purchase funnel) without unreasonable and hardly achievable requirements like PayPal does. Stripe also has a nice support, and it is tons less buggy than PayPal. However, the number of purchases through Stripe never went above 5-10% of all for my client. I encourage you to introduce it as your payment system just because it's a good deed Users still prefer PayPal only because they are familiar with it and don't want to explore other options. It's a nice idea to push them a bit Though you'll probably lose some of your customers because of that. But if everyone continues to offer PayPal as an option, we all will have to deal with it for the rest of our lives.
  3. What size of item image works best?

    4x real size or more. If an item is going to appear at 100px, the sources need to be at least 400px.
  4. Vero: New Social Media

    @kami Having an Instagram account and getting orders through it are very different things Each of the industry professionals have at least a dozen or two of social profiles everywhere including top 3 social networks. I'm a little biased because I have info only for gamedev industry, but headhunters in gamedev don't use generic social networks with ui which doesn't allow to represent your portfolio, employment status, working history and other things like that easily. This is the area where proposal exceeds demand for a few years already, and recruiters don't need to dig the professionals out of the piles of unrelated data. Try asking those big fishes you listed where they get the work that nets them cash. I bet this won't be Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  5. Vero: New Social Media

    Weird but Twitter worked for me as a historical timeline by default. Though I actually used it only one time for a few months when first a revolution and then a war started in my country. It was my main source of info with a few seconds accuracy. It was crucial to have exact info delivered instantly without reordering, and it worked perfectly. Maybe they have changed something for the last two years? If so, I guess I know why their popularity has declined. Twitter would be pretty much useless if you can't get the news instantly. Instagram isn't a network where professionals find professional artists. Behance, ArtStation, LinkedIn and other dedicated social networks are. Instagram even doesn't provide tools to create a user-friendly portfolio (a photo album with photos in popups is the worst solution ever for this) or a system to make portfolios easily sortable and findable. You can get a lot of low segment amateur-ish orders there, but getting a nice position or a large order is something that may happen only due to a big luck and not because someone was searching Instagram for a professional like you intentionally.
  6. Vero: New Social Media

    Did you try switching the ordering in your newsfeed from Top Stories to Most Recent? It sorts posts in the historical order. Yes, FB does incorporate ads in between, but they don't alter the ordering of the posts itself, and can be easily removed with lightweight adblockers. I will laugh if the whole marketing point of Vero is for these two clicks that turn FB into a historically ordered newsfeed with no ads...
  7. Vero: New Social Media

    Actually all of the generic networks I use show posts in historical order, and there's a whole heap of them. I don't see where this problem comes from. Instagram? Drop it, it never had anything useful. It's designed to be a useless bunch of selfies from the very start, it's not even technically possible to spread almost all types of useful info through it. But it's rather an exclusion than a rule. I also don't see why would you need a historical order on an image sharing service. I use Pinterest a lot, and this feature would kill it. Also seeing things in order doesn't mean no algorithms in any way. I guess Vero promoters redefined "algorithms" to give it a very strict and negative meaning (filtering posts to show paid first) which is not what this word means at all.
  8. Vero: New Social Media

    Eh, "no algorithms"? So basically these guys saved a ton of resources for not coding and supporting smart neural networks, essentially getting back to the state of 2000s when first poorly usable and wonky social networks were only developing? And they call that a feature and try to market it as their main advantage? No, thanks.
  9. 1) Simple but not ideal solution. Write a bot to do the work for you. If there are things to abuse and obvious abusive user behavior patterns, ban for them automatically. If you can't tell multiaccounting from fair play automatically, no harm done and nothing breaks the game in most of the cases. In this case a user just plays as several separate real players, and there's nothing wrong with that. You'll need to do routine check maybe once a week spending 30-40 minutes to investigate the disputable cases manually. 2) Difficult but ideal. Redesign the things that can be abused through multiaccounting so they can't be abused anymore. Make managing several accounts less profitable than one. Even if you find a global way to prevent users from creating more than one account (which is technically impossible), players will still abuse your imperfect game balance if it's possible to abuse it at all. A good game doesn't punish players for something they can technically do because this is the fault of devs who allowed that. It battles with exploits on the game design level instead.
  10. Human Avatars?

    There's a thread which covers your first question.
  11. Animal Breeding

    Don't mix real life and games. Even a 2 y.o. child understands the difference. You can go very, very far this way. Why stop on animals? Controlling a human character is pure slavery. Making your characters endure damage and deaths for your fun is severe and cynical torturing. And players who like realistic games with realistic wounds are sadistic slavers abusing all the humankind.Oh, and I forgot games where you breed humans and destroy planets... You may design your game to promote awareness about real life pets with all the challenges that RL pet breeders face, and this is a good cause. But that would be a game for a very strict niche and with low profits. Maybe without profits at all. No one is forced to follow this path and turn their game into something like that. I'd say even more. Unrealistic breeding games are useful from the purest and highest moral point that you can think of. A lot of people are awful pet owners, and retargeting them to a fun activity with virtual pets instead of letting them get and breed RL pets to scratch that itch is a good cause as well. Concerning the unrelated point about why breeding is that popular. Because this is just simple collecting. It utilizes an instinct which is very strong in a lot of us. Pet game community mostly consists of people who have it prevail over other basic desires commonly utilized in gaming (like winning a competition, solving a problem and exploring unknown). Nicely designed breeding involves indulging those other desires as well. Players who like to roleplay their characters or compete with them are a minority, and the majority just loves collecting the skins. What's more, pet game devs know this and design their games to make skin collecting the central (and often the only) goal in their game. I'd suggest reading a basic psychology course, and then a few specialized articles on gaming psychology because both your questions come from there. I'm not sure if you're going to develop a pet game or maybe even already work on yours, but if yes, you'll face a ton of far more complex and not so obvious psychology related questions. You need to know how and why your players think, especially if you want to change their way of thinking.
  12. What makes you stop/continue playing a game after the initial draw? You nailed it in your sample reply. I drop most of the pet games after playing for half an hour because they don't offer any actual gameplay. There are only a few exclusions. Most of such games are just art galleries selling images and supposing that browsing their site, viewing pictures, occasionally submitting a web form and posting on forums makes a gameplay somehow. Others utilize overused minigames poorly integrated or not integrated into the game itself (I guess this lazy flawed practice became a tradition because of Neopets). Another problem is that the only challenge all of them offer is paying cash or investing monstrous amounts of time. Nothing that requires skill. What I'm looking for is a challenging and variable gameplay with at least a couple of unique features, preferably with an open world. Art style, theme, community etc. don't matter. What are your favorite activities to do on a petsite? Explore, quests, collecting, leveling up pet skills, unlocking locked areas / recipes / upgrades. Battles if battle system is well-thought and interesting. Limited events. Anything that makes me feel I'm progressing and becoming better and more powerful. Do you think that Human Avatars [HAs] are an important part of a petsite? No. A pet game is about pets, so why spend time and efforts for something unrelated? If I want a gameplay focused on a humanoid character, I'd play a MMORPG instead. It would be better if a pet game gears its resources towards better gameplay, more variety within the chosen niche, or even better art. Opinions on using items to change a pet's colour? I highly dislike this feature. What I like is customization items like inventory, wearables, familiars etc. which don't change the pet itself but rather augment it.
  13. Background sizes?

    There can't be one image and one css rule for all cases. Use separate properly resized and resampled images made for most common resolution breakpoints, and set them to cover so they are also good for everything in between. Don't forget about portrait orientation and 2x (and if possible 3x as well) for retina.
  14. help need smooth lines...

    1) If you're on Win, try reverting your OS to a restoration point made back when everything was working fine. This will help for sure if this is a software problem. 2) Try uninstalling the driver and then installing its latest version from scratch.
  15. https://codepen.io/ It has free mode for 1 project / 10 files, so you can test how it works. Very convenient for its inbuilt preprocessors, sharing out of the box and such.

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