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  1. What makes you stop/continue playing a game after the initial draw? You nailed it in your sample reply. I drop most of the pet games after playing for half an hour because they don't offer any actual gameplay. There are only a few exclusions. Most of such games are just art galleries selling images and supposing that browsing their site, viewing pictures, occasionally submitting a web form and posting on forums makes a gameplay somehow. Others utilize overused minigames poorly integrated or not integrated into the game itself (I guess this lazy flawed practice became a tradition because of Neopets). Another problem is that the only challenge all of them offer is paying cash or investing monstrous amounts of time. Nothing that requires skill. What I'm looking for is a challenging and variable gameplay with at least a couple of unique features, preferably with an open world. Art style, theme, community etc. don't matter. What are your favorite activities to do on a petsite? Explore, quests, collecting, leveling up pet skills, unlocking locked areas / recipes / upgrades. Battles if battle system is well-thought and interesting. Limited events. Anything that makes me feel I'm progressing and becoming better and more powerful. Do you think that Human Avatars [HAs] are an important part of a petsite? No. A pet game is about pets, so why spend time and efforts for something unrelated? If I want a gameplay focused on a humanoid character, I'd play a MMORPG instead. It would be better if a pet game gears its resources towards better gameplay, more variety within the chosen niche, or even better art. Opinions on using items to change a pet's colour? I highly dislike this feature. What I like is customization items like inventory, wearables, familiars etc. which don't change the pet itself but rather augment it.
  2. Background sizes?

    There can't be one image and one css rule for all cases. Use separate properly resized and resampled images made for most common resolution breakpoints, and set them to cover so they are also good for everything in between. Don't forget about portrait orientation and 2x (and if possible 3x as well) for retina.
  3. help need smooth lines...

    1) If you're on Win, try reverting your OS to a restoration point made back when everything was working fine. This will help for sure if this is a software problem. 2) Try uninstalling the driver and then installing its latest version from scratch.
  4. https://codepen.io/ It has free mode for 1 project / 10 files, so you can test how it works. Very convenient for its inbuilt preprocessors, sharing out of the box and such.
  5. Pixel art & VP games

    Pixel art is great for certain tasks. Namely it allows to animate characters easily. Current VP games don't provide animation or possibility to control a character, so there's no specific reason to use it there. @CuddlySpider Let me disagree. Pixel art is extremely popular today. It's experiencing a rebirth since indie games became popular. Just recall games like Stardew Valley or Starbound.
  6. Google Adsense

    That's kind of weird. I believe they asked for credentials on the application stage a few years ago. They also asked for verification through Google Webmaster tools to prove that you're an owner, but not for an approved AdSense application. That would be funny if they don't verify the restricted content anymore. Just thinking of their own security, what if I have a nice public facade with kitten photos and post porn videos or drug formulas behind the login? Google will never know about that if I don't give their crawler a way to access those pages, and I don't have to do this if my account is verified already. Anyway sorry for the misinformation. I didn't keep a track of all the changes that Google introduced recently.
  7. Google Adsense

    Instead of adding public content, provide Googlebot with credentials to log in. You will have to do that anyway if you're going to show ads on login protected pages.

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