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  1. For left book: The Creature Kaleb clutched his stomach as he watched the churning waves. “Hey.” Kaleb spun around at the voice of his girlfriend, Scarlet, she twirled a sword on her palm. She raised her eyebrows. “If you’re seasick, why are you out here?” she asked. “It doesn’t help being inside. At least here my vomit will go straight into the ocean.” “And,” he added, “It reminds me of my churning stomach.” Scarlet cracked a smile. “And why would you want to be reminded of that?” “I needed an analogy.. and.. “ his voice trailed off. “And what?” Scarlet asked. “Did you see that?” “See what?” Kaleb’s face took on a terrified expression. “The Creature..” he breathed. Scarlet frowned. “The what?” “I thought it was just a myth..” Scarlet scowled at Kaleb. “You’re not actually telling me you saw it.” Kaleb fell back suddenly, he immediately got up and looked at her with an almost haunted expression. “I.. I saw it!” he moaned. “So many teeth, its eyes glowed like gleaming ruby’s.” Scarlet grabbed his arm. “You should come inside. You’re seeing things.” Kaleb jerked away from her. “I saw it!” he yelled. “It’s the most terrifying thing you’ll ever see.” That was when they both saw it. No, them. “There’s two of them,” Scarlet whispered, horrified. Kaleb drew his sword, and Scarlet held her’s with a ready expression. Suddenly a tentacle shot up from the sea and wrapped around Scarlet, she was so startled she dropped her sword. “SCARLET!” Kaleb screamed. He brought his sword down on the tentacle but it merely bounced off, the tentacle was harder than stone. The creature jerked her off the deck. Without hesitation Kaleb dove into the water. The captain never found out what happened to his two passengers. These papers washed up on sea, along with some teeth from some strange creature.
  2. For middle book: The Spring Fair Rea was shaking with excitement, today was the opening of the Spring Fair It would be her first time at the Spring Fair, and she just could not wait, “Come on! Mom!” she begged, as her mother, Violet fixed the bow on Rea’s braid. Violet let out a gentle laugh. “Hang on Re, the fair will stay for a while yet.” “But I want to see the unicorns and ride them and the carousel!” She gave a little gasp, “Are there going to be dragons? Please tell me there will be!” Rea could see the lights from the lanterns, and hear the happy laughs. Violet smiled at her daughter and took her hand. “I believe so,” she said. They walked towards the fairground, Rea squealed in excitement as she caught site of the unicorns grazing in a field. “What do you want to do first?” “Carousel!’ Rea said excitedly. Violet smiled at her daughter, and together they walked over to the carousel, cheerful music was played by a young girl, a small dragon lay at her feet. A man in a suit walked up to the duo and Violet gave him two bronze coins. Rea and her mother had a wonderful time at the fair and made many wonderful memories.
  3. For the right book! To Steal A Dragon’s Treasure Anthony watched as a dragon flew across the blue sky, he walked over to an amber-haired Fae who was visiting. “Hey Mari?” he asked. Mari looked up from her diary, “Yes?” “Do dragons here have.. Treasure?” Mari tilted her head, “Of course. Shouldn’t you know that from the legends from your Earth?” An evil thought came upon Anthony and he shrugged. “I was just making sure.” Anthony gathered his closest friends, one of them, Timothy looked slightly uneasy. “Are you sure about this?” he questioned. Anthony scoffed, “How else are we going to get money? The Dragon’s have so much treasure they probably won’t even know some of its missing.” “How are we going to explain where we got the treasure?” Anthony and the others rolled their eyes. “Tim, if you don’t want to come, you don’t have to.” one of them sighed. Timothy shrugged, “Just saying.” The boys hiked up into the mountains, Anthony in the lead, his cloak fluttering behind him. “This dragon, Obsidian, would be out hunting right about now,” Anthony stated as they reached a cave. They gasped as they stepped in, only a few feet away treasures more beautiful and stunning then they’d ever imagined. Strange and familiar gemstones littered the area. Their expressions were full of greed as they stuffed gemstones into their satchels and packs, before stumbling down the mountain path, still in awe of the treasures they held. A week later, a coal-black dragon flew to Erabarrow, smoke billowing from its nostrils. “Somebody has stolen some of my treasure!” he roared. It was lucky for Anthony and his friends they had not been in Erabarrow, as they were visiting Imagine Nation. Mari’s wings fluttered as she flew up to the dragon. “What do you mean?” she asked. “What do you mean what do I mean? I returned from hunting the other day only to find some of my treasure missing. I smelled human.” “Can you smell them out?” Mari asked, gesturing to the crowd of humans, watching with wide eyes. The dragon lifted his snout and took a deep smell. “I cannot.” he admitted. “Maybe it was some sort of scavenger.” Mari said calmly. “These humans are scavengers.” the dragon snorted. “Nevertheless, it is possible one of the gems the humans have generously given you still carry their scent.” “But it was new!” he objected. “You cannot punish the humans for something you are not sure they did.” The dragon snorted, and flew away. Later, Anthony and his friends returned. Mari glared at Anthony. “That was an extremely foolish thing to do.” Anthony smirked. “Are you going to tell him? It may have been foolish, but I’m rich now.”
  4. The first would be left, and the last would be right ^.^
  5. Melody’s Storm Melody flew through the air on top of a dragon, a grin on her face despite the rain, she played a violin, a beautiful melody poured out of it, it was almost as if the violin was a part of her. “Melody, your beautiful playing astonishes and please me as it always does,” rumbled the dragon. Meolody dipped her head, “Thank you Asha,” she said. “It will only take about another hour to my cave, the egg will hatch safely there.” Meolody touched the bag strapped onto her shoulder which held Asha’s stormy colored egg.. Thunder rumbled, followed by a heavy downpour. “Asha?” Melody said nervously. “We’ll land soon,” Asha reassured her. Melody put her violin into the bag. Suddenly lightning struck Asha’s wing. Asha plummeted towards the ground, Melody screamed as she clutched the saddle, vibrant colors flashing in her eyes as they fell into a deep jungle below. Melody tumbled off Asha, every bone in her body hurting. She stumbled towards Asha, “Asha!” she shrieked. The great dragon moaned, turning her head. “Get to.. The cave,” she managed to grunt out. “There.. No hope for me.” “But-” “Go!” Asha growled, eyes flashing. “You are a great friend Melody. Take care of my hatchling. Please.” Her eyes closed and she moved no more. Tears stung Melody’s eyes as she stumbled towards a cave a dozen feet away, although it felt like miles. She lay, exhausted and soaking in the cave, softly and weakly stroking the egg. The top of the egg started to split, and within the hour, a small female baby dragon, about the size of a human toddler, tumbled out. She tilted her head at Melody, confused at her distress, Melody reached into the bag, and pulled out a piece of soft fruit, tossing it to the dragon who gobbled it up, then scampered over to Melody and nestled against her. She weakly pulled out her violin and played a soft sound, the Healing Song it was called. Melody’s pain faded, but she was still exhausted, her heart ached for Asha, and now she had a dragonet to care for. “Storm.” she whispered softly to the dragonet. Storm grew very attached to Melody, and she loved it when she played the violin and told stories, something unusual for a dragon. Most of you are probably wondering something, if the lightning struck Asha, why did Melody not get shocked? Why was the violin not broken? It is still a mystery to this day. Diary of Mari Gold Strange new creatures have arrived, although they are somewhat like some Fae in appearance. they don't seem to possess any knowledge of magic-in fact they seemed completely in awe of everything here, they act like they've never seen Fae nor dragon before! It’s unbelievable. They’ve started up their own settlement, I heard they’re calling it Erabarrow, I’m interested to see the design, me being an architect of sorts, some of them can make lovely music, a talent that is greatly appreciated here in Iriverse, they brought with them an instrument called a violin, which when played properly sings out beautiful melodies, they’ve started teaching me and other Fae how to play it, it is a most lovely instrument. One who seems especially good at it is a young human girl named Melody, the violin almost seems like an extension of her hand, she is also a very talented dancer. Enough about the violin, although it is most likely one of my favorite subjects. One of the dragons, Sapphire, does not trust them at all. Can’t say I don’t blame her, if I was a dragon I don’t think I would, considering many of the humans point at them, I even heard a foolish youth joking about hunting one. My, he got an earful, when Carna heard him, Carna adores the dragons perhaps more than any other fae, she was raised amongst them after all. The humans brought many many books with them, and my how interesting they are! Tales of woe and love, so many daring they sure do have imagination! Although some dragons grumble under their breath about how many times they are the villain in the story. And so in conclusion, humans can be extremely odd, their arrival either signals great new possibilities.. Or very dark ones. Time will tell. -Mari Gold, resident of Iriverse. (I completely forgot if I emailed this already, it isn't showing up in 'sent' soooo idk?
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