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Hey there! I'm a commercial concept/game artist by day (mainly petsites!), and a comic/game designer by night with a huge passion for lore-building and fantasy RPGs. I've been in the art business for over 15 years, with experience in zine publishing, character design for games, and various petsite work I've dabbled in over the years.

I have a really wide variety of skills including (but not limited to) human/humanoid character designs and outfits, creatures/animals/pet assets and designs, item and object asset work, mecha/armor/robot designs, background work and illustrations (both celshade and painterly/realism), minigame assets, and a lot more but just ask me if you aren't sure. ?

You can contact my directly via email at [email protected] if you'd like to inquire about my work/hiring me for your project(s)! I'm also available on social media @ibbitmonster on Instagram, Deviantart, and FurAffinity for more of my work (both personal and commissioned) and concept art. My Discord tag is Ibbit#8513 if you'd like to message me directly. Thanks for looking ! ??

- Ibbit

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