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  1. New year new debts lol! ? In all honesty tho, I am working hard to pay off some debts/bills I still have to take care of this new year, so If anyone is interested in some work I am available for new clients this week (wrapping up a couple of assignments today for the last couple folks on my queue) if anyone would like some unique and creative concepts made, I am an art monster lol. If anyone has some commercial or freelance work, feel free to contact me directly on Discord my tag is Ibbit#8513 and alternatively, my contact email is loremonsterstudios@gmail.com if you would prefer email. Thank you so much everyone~
  2. Recently had to do a huge money sink into an overdue rent debt I've been trying to wrangle this entire year under threat of eviction but it's left me in a really tight bind trying to pay my normal (now overdue) other bills on top of it this month. If anyone has some immediate/paid commercial or freelance work, I can get it done this week I just need to sort out something to help me keep my lights on, so please contact me on Discord my tag is Ibbit#8513 and alternatively, my contact email is abfeemster@gmail.com if you would prefer email correspondence. Thanks guys!
  3. Looking for some small assignment work again this month to take care of some serious debts/bills that have piled up on me so please message me on Discord/email me if you like my work -- I will be available to start by this weekend (am wrapping up some assignment work this week ✌) but if anyone's interested in more longterm assignments also let me know, I'll see what I can work out ?
  4. @P3Games I do have Discord! My tag is Ibbit#8513 if you'd like to shoot me a direct message, I'd be happy to discuss things further on there. ??
  5. I'm a big fan of Stardew Valley (both graphically and programming, lovely game) and also played Runescape a long time ago. I wonder, have you ever played Furcadia? It is fairly old, but had a longterm dedicated community at one point.. when you mentioned Runescape I got instant nostalgia feels for Furcadia, the gem of my childhood/teenage years haha. ✌? Also I would definitely be interested in drawing some concept art, if you are looking to hire artists presumably? I could send a portfolio your way if so?
  6. Lore Monster Studios Email Me: loremonsterstudios@gmail.com My Portfolio | DA/FA/Insta ---> @ibbitmonster ___________________________________________________________________________________ Hello there! I'm a commercial game artist and freelancer and I've been in the art game for about 15 years now. I currently work as a part-time game artist for a couple petsite/game companies remotely from my home to make things easier, and when I can I pickup work from various devs and private commissioners when I have the time. I'm currently looking for some contract jobs or part-time work to fill in the extra time I have each week so I can continue to sustain my career as a freelance artist. As of right now, I don't work on enough assignments to pay all the bills each month, so I'm looking to fix that! If you like my work enough, I'd also be open to more long-term project work down the road as well! ~ Below are a list of some example commercial/commission works and prices (my prices start at $10) and if you have any questions/inquiries just let me know here or contact me directly. You can find my professional resume and commercial portfolio here - I try adding to it when I can, but I'm usually too busy making assets/work to actually upload haha. Quick Info/About Hiring I take payments via PayPal invoicing. Once a sketch has been approved, your commissioned artwork/assets will be finalized and a websize preview sent to you for final review/approval before I send the final files your way. Once the work is finalized and invoice has been paid, the full-resolution export(s) and PSD file(s) for your commission will be emailed/sent to you. Items/Object Icons $10 - 25 Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 300x300px | Websize/Preview: 100x100px Buildings/Floors Assets $45 - 55 Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize: 1200x1200px | Websize/Preview: Depends on Dimensions Wearable Avatar Clothing/Outfits $15 - 100 (Depends on content/details) Cartoon/Celshade or Semi-realism | Fullsize/Websize: Depends on Base Avatar Size Background/Illustration Art ($100 - 300) Cartoon/Celshade or Painterly Semi-realism Background Illustration in Portrait or Landscape Format (Can also draw maps/globe background art - just ask/inquire!) Character/Creature Design (Pricing starts at $25 - Ask/Inquire Artist) Cartoon/Celshade or Painterly Semi-realism Character Designs, Renders, Reference Sheets, and Game Assets (Art style is flexible/changeable depending on requirements) If you have something else in mind, or don't see an example here that suits your needs/requirements - feel free to ask and I can provide more examples (or whip one up for you) no problem! I have a wide range of experience/style ability so feel free to contact me at loremonsterstudios@gmail.com if you'd be interested in hiring me for project work. Thank you for reading!
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