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  1. Kansyfish is a unique virtual pet game where you maintain a live virtual aquarium(Tank's parameters change every day). This game contains a store where user can purchase fish, decoration and tank's backgrounds. Once the basic settings of the aquarium is done, user can feed fishes, give proper name to each fish, clean the tank and in certain conditions fish will breed. Please give me your feedback about this game.
  2. I'm working on kansyfish.com, I would like to get your feedback about this browser-based virtual pet game. Game Play: Users can set up their own virtual tanks and feed fish every day. - Fish hunger, age(fish get bigger every day), happiness rate change every day - Fully fed fish will be happy and will follow their mates - In certain conditions, fish will breed ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am also looking for some help in internet marketing, pls, let me know how I can promote this game to a large audience.
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