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  1. Website - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Discord Hello! I'm a long time member (previously of VPL, then TGL when it went down), but mainly I've kept to myself. However, today, I have really exciting news to share—My partner, Ryou, and I have been working on our site, Alterico! It is currently still in active development, with our developer plugging away towards alpha testing, which we are aiming for Late Spring 2021. Alterico is an upcoming art-focused role play game, otherwise known as ARPG. Our game is inspired from the many fantastic closed species communities on De
  2. theres no way the last time i came here was 2017, i refuse to believe that

  3. every time i remember this site its like 20 years later, everyone's aged, im no wiser

  4. dude if you ever do and you need friends, hit me up on Gilgamesh server!! I do end game raiding with lots of really skilled people, but I'm also in an fc for casuals, so I love helping out wherever! There's also lots of returner status stuff you can get now Or if you didn't get far in the beginning, just playing the game on trial lets you get to lvl 35 now, and access to the Palace of the Dead that lets you try all the classes to 60!! I have a PC actually but I play with my ps4 controller, but I know so many good players also on PS4! O:
  5. The status quo of these sorts of sites have shifted. The pets used to be front and center, jump through x hoops to get this pet, grats you got it, now show it off. Now, economies in these games are more robust, the audiences of these games have matured and that plays in part of why pets are not the centerpiece of these sites anymore. This is why adoptables are so popular now--these people that stopped getting their 'pretty pet' fix have carved their own space while filling their own niche on dA/FurAffinity/etc. And we are left with communities that may have started there for the pets, but
  6. Anyone play XIV? This game is literally the reason why I stopped playing pet sites. It's an mmorpg, but damn if it isn't a delicious love letter to the Final Fantasy franchise. Also available on PS4! (i sound like an ad, look at me, im mr meeseeks)
  7. that's gonna be harder to convince my boss about, since i gotta sniff that printer ink every day
  8. @Syntax there is a significant lack of shitposting on this forum and i intend to change that q u i c k l y
  9. yeah i've got the same problem, drawing is hard for me especially since i work a 9-5 job now and i'm already at a desk/computer all day motivation is basically zero for drawing when i get home AND NOW I GET TO PROCRASTINATE AT WORK
  10. The thing about Flight Rising is that it would've been so much better as a mobile-ready game. It's long breeding times lends itself to the same long "stamina" waiting games as a lot of phone/tablet games, and it's (here I am complaining about user experience again) early 2000's esque forum and PM system was a big turn off for me. The art is fantastic, and it attracts similarly many fantastic artists to the scene, and (from what I remember when I last played) they're fair and creative with giving people the option to customize dragons with skins. But this is where the problem starts (and t
  11. Here's my case for it: my favourite pet site, bar none, was Verpets. At the height of it, it got a new layout, amazing new site features, a new layout, amazing artists with amazing pet colour aesthetics and grade-A community. That grade A community was made in part by a very public and widely used shoutbox that was coded for the site itself, with user integration and multiple 'rooms' people could switch to for a more private experience. New users come in and introduce themselves immediately, and get to know the regulars right off the bat. The regulars have a place to perpetuate themselves
  12. Good!! My life basically belongs to FFXIV now sooooo I've not had much time to play petsites, but I miss drawing lots!
  13. HI JAK WHATS UP :)))))) how've you been!!
  14. Apple........... owo
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