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  1. Joined! I'm glad that the NFT project died because it was a disgrace to the amazing work that was done IMO.
  2. I am not a lawyer, nor have any variety of that background. My personal opinion on this matter is, it really depends on two things: The agreement when you made the art - was it specific to the site or could you re-sellf? Were you paid for the art? If you were paid for the art, although you own some variety of ownership, it cannot be resold unless the other party also agrees with it being resold no matter how much you want to. ~judda
  3. The long awaited Alliances arrive, and look great! Amazing job!
  4. I've filled it out Reading over some of the questions really made me think of the audio book I'm going through right now (and almost done). It's called "Actionable Gamifications" - more specially it's all about Octalysis. I'm not 100% sure what your paper is on, but it may help glean some insight.
  5. I love reading about changes to referral systems. What are some tweaks that you have done in the past to help with your site's growth?
  6. That looks really nice Good luck finding a developer to support!
  7. @Travis Is amazing to work with
  8. I hope it goes really well - the art is amazing!
  9. @banshee @skellri I'd be interested in building one of these and have a few ideas of how to build it, but I always struggle with growing the community surrounding it.
  10. I think it is a very interesting conversation, I found out more about it and it’s definitely something I’m interested in looking into a little more.
  11. I've never heard of "bodyshop" at all. As for the moving them around and updating in realtime, that's where JavaScript/WebAssembly can help. You can capture where the user clicks and then send an "update" saying they moved to whatever the position is. And then other constantly poll, or use websockets to communicate between all of the active clients of the changes (i.e. moving, or new text).
  12. You should be able to use any programming language really to make it. You would either want to have JavaScript or WebAssembly on the front end (JavaScript being easier). And the backend would be a fairly simple API.
  13. They sounds interesting - the people on discord helped me to understand the concept a bit more. I guess my question to you is what would make the thing you want to build different than the rest that are shutting down most likely due to funding?
  14. Yeah - that works Paypal's automated things are helpful Glad you figured it out!
  15. That's terrible that the programmer did that to you I hear that story way too often. @banshee what is a graphical chat site? I've never really heard of anything named this before.
  16. I haven't used / been around SiteGround at all unfortunately I am not too sure what you can do in this situation.
  17. Yeah it's a very unfortunate situation. The silly thing is, I received their contact information from @LobstahMoney and was able to text and he responded very quickly when I mentioned that the domain had expired, but then when I approached the topic of buying it again I got radio silence. It's unfortunate such a liked site has to die this miserable death
  18. You are doing great! Migrating sites is never easy, keep it up @Bedouin and Curly!
  19. I'm already on the discord server I applied the last time applications came around but unfortunately didn't get picked, but that's luck of the draw I'm really looking forward to seeing where this can go! And yea, I completely understand the value in doing the Patreon, development is not easy and it takes dedication and the desire, and to be just you doing stuff and it not bringing in any money is rough mentally! I know that from experience
  20. I absolutely love this! I use MFA everywhere that supports it, it started out as "an annoying thing we do at work". But then the value of it slowly crept in. It's available on TGL as well for anyone who wants to use it. Thank you @Jackalune and Lythbound team for keeping security of accessing accounts top of mind!
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