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  1. A lesser known site that I worked on: Cyopets
  2. Welcome @Rose Glad you joined us!
  3. judda


    I built one in the past and may be able to help.
  4. LMAO - I know this feeling all too well. Doing that is a great way to learn - as long as you go in knowing "things will need to change" based on performance, bugs, etc. That's a great goal if you can make sure that the programmer has unit/integration tests in place (that actually cover the code). This will allow you to download the code locally and change things to see if they break which will further enhance your learning experience!
  5. This looks absolutely amazing! Best of luck with the Kickstarter!
  6. It is very much a rabbit hole, but a rabbit hole I dive deep into every so often. As you said, so much hard work just lost to the world. WaybackMachine can only do so much. Last year, I built up a second version of VirtualPetDirectory.com and rebranded it to OnlineGaming.Directory. One of the big issues I had with VPD was we didn't have any "offline storage" of the content, thinking that the owners should manage their own. This was mostly in keeping with "we are a simple directory of information". But now, with OGD, and GameSiteArt.com (linked with OGD) I've started the journey to re
  7. Great suggestions How is your learning coming along? Are there any issues you are having?
  8. Man I completely forgot about this until you posted in the thread I've now joined their Discord. Hopefully it goes places! I love the art for it.
  9. Welcome @Cherrypop Glad you made it
  10. Yeah it's very unfortunate that it went down again. I think part of the struggle was the community has changed a fair bit over the years and Carlos didn't have enough time for the filler threads. We are here, and have no plans to give up anytime soon so @Sunfang I'm really glad you were able to find us! Hopefully we can become your new home for lurking and hopefully posting
  11. It wasn't until I took over TGL that I realized all of the amazing tools that are built into it that make making your own forum feel even less useful. I know there are a few people on Fiverr who would be willing to do SSO (single sign on) implementations for forums with your own site.
  12. Sorry for the delay on the last few weeks!
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