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  1. @Dinocanid not sure if you are looking for a gig or not
  2. I tried a whois lookup but all there is, is a "abuse@godaddy.com" email address
  3. I have not tried it - but @Design1online is here if you have questions @TrevorMRose
  4. @rajira What are you trying to change / what questions do you have for it?
  5. About the same here - a few weeks ago my city was deemed a "hot bed" but I haven't heard much of that lately (thankfully). Apparently Ontario is talking about opening up offices starting July 1st. I hope we don't go back that early. I see everyone daily on zoom calls, so don't feel the need. That being said - I'm off for a week and a bit at that point so I'm less worried. I found out this past week that my cousin had lost their job for covid which sucks hopefully this sparks a re-entrance into work for him too.
  6. This looks awesome Can't wait to see more updates.
  7. How is everyone doing? Still staying safe and sane?
  8. I've worked with @Pixie in the past and she is amazing!
  9. Please Note: I didn't actually test it to verify that it works, but at first glance it looks like it should.
  10. You have to be careful with a query like that. You should be validating that it is more than just set otherwise you could potentially get yourself into SQL injection territories. Adding in an "intval" could help with that just to 100% make the string an integer before being placed in your code. I've adjusted your code block to also remove the "else" section, because you can easily define it above, and won't run into scoping issues. $page = 1; if (isset($_GET["page"]) && ($value = intval($_GET["page"]))) { $page = $value; } $start_from = ($page-1) * $perpage; The caveat with this code, is it isn't going to do a "0-based", so your pages must start at 1 which is what you are doing anyways with the page - 1 part.
  11. This looks absolutely amazing! Great work on it all!
  12. @Dracadia send me a PM I'm interested in this
  13. @DarthJawns a bunch of people on the forums do - why not just ask the question here?
  14. I know @LobstahMoney reached out to them a little while ago RE: an email issue, and a few times about possibly buying.
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