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  1. He is one of the most reliable artists we have worked with. A++ for his work and his ethic.
  2. "Guys, this was all super sus the whole way through. He repeatedly told me about artists who had "disappeared", and then tried to guilt me into working on this without payment because he'd "never had a problem with artists before". I've worked with a handful of you on here, so I think you all know the amount of pride I take in my work and professionalism. I'm willing to go an extra mile if needed, but there were so many red flags. I've attached parts of the convo below for you to view as well (I won't be sending the whole thing because at one point he starts to tell me quite a bit about his family as he's telling me he's refusing payment)." -------------------------------------- I NEVER told you I refused to pay, I had absolutely NO problem with paying for something we commissioned. i never tried to "guilt you" I said we were hiring because we lost a lot of artists in 2020. covid, school, marriage. one went to hawaii to join a protest movement and stopped working... all i asked for was a clearer sketch. I misunderstood what you said by thinking is was payment once we APPROVED the final sketch, NOT the finished work.
  3. For the record I've worked with a number of artists and coders and never had any problems. If something needed to be discussed we did. Evidently, in your world apologies and a sincere offer to try to resolve a problem means nothing and instead you post this. And BTW the "artist who disappeared" who made that sketch is in fact our art director. Shes been with us since 2010. If you reread what was said you will see I said SHE ( the art director) passed it to someone who disappeared. The circumstances of that were not due to the site. She ( the artist) got married and decided she had no more time to work on art.
  4. I am Very sorry but I totally misunderstood part of our conversation going forward. I apologized and tried to explain WHAT has happened. This was not out of malice it was because I misunderstood part of the conversation. I am sorry you felt we couldnt work thru this and instead posted this here.
  5. P3Games, a wild cat breeding sim is looking for artists. We have a need for all types of art and people who can help with several necessary art projects. Person must work in digital art, be able to work with a team and be willing to work within our structure. If you are interested please email to [email protected] and I'd be happy to go over details and what exactly we are looking for. Thank you. Hope to hear from anyone interested. Alex
  6. I'm interested in maybe hiring you for art. ( or purchasing some of your work) Do you have discord? easier to discuss live than do the email back and forth thing.
  7. My Game started in 2007 and has been gong since. It is an established site, has staff and could use more artists, however, we REALLY need a new developer/coder who is interested in ( maybe?) a partnership and working with a good crew and staff on various projects. I had been doing the developing but last year I had a pretty bad stroke. I've been unable to continue running the site alone. If you are interested and have a strong background in virtual pet games, please email me at [email protected] and arrange a meeting. We can chat on discord and see if you are a good fit for the team. Thanks; Alex
  8. I am PhantomFire #7273 feel free to message me any time that is convenient for you.
  9. Very interested in talking to you then! Is email good? discord? what works best?
  10. Hi there! My game Pocket puma pets is in need of new folks and new ideas! We are looking for artists, coders, gamers, people with ideas and vision to complete our staff. We are a web based wild cat breeding game with a penchant for absurd humor, pop culture and silliness we love the odd and the weird and enjoy unusual ideas. Sound like something you might enjoy? Please feel free to message for more info! ----- Artists on P3 need to be able to do artwork that matches P3's established look and style. Artists will be drawing both inventory items and items which will be wearable on the pumas. It is extremely important that you match our formatting requirements. To apply, please submit the following in png format: 1) an example of an item - a food or a toy - that is 120 pixels by 120 pixels square in size 2) an example of a semi-realistic companion animal for the pumas. This should be in a 700 x 550 pixel size canvas. Please find attached the following examples of P3 art items:
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