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  1. I use the SAI animation assistant whenever I animate, It's a very useful tool 😄
  2. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are. 20 What your gender is. Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Alberta, Canada What you do / What you are studying. I'm a 3D modeler and a Illustrator How many pets (and/or) kids you have. 3 Cats, and 300+ gallons worth of fish/invertebrate in multiple tanks
  3. I’d be interested in helping out with this, especially with the avatars and items. Looking at the item examples that you have provided, I can easily match the style. Heres a link to my portfolio http://coroax.tumblr.com/
  4. I'd be interested, here is a link to my portfolio! http://coroax.tumblr.com/
  5. Show off what you are working on

    I've been having fun working on this!
  6. Best Halloween Pet Designs

    Explorewindrose has a really nice looking halloween based rare this month!
  7. Show off what you are working on

    A basic run cycle for a little infinite runner game I'm working on <:
  8. What is your art program of choice?

    Mostly PaintTool SAI, however I have Photoshop CS2 on my computer for animations and to check with any stray pixels
  9. The BIG list of Pet / Sim Sites

    Heres two more! WindRose ( http://explorewindrose.com/ ) Acitius ( http://www.acitius.com/news.php )
  10. What animals are your favorites?

    I've always have been a fan of Lizards! Namely the Sailfin lizard in particular because of their tails <3
  11. Old Member Introductions

    @SingSong I love it! Right now my reel is heading into a realistic look, however in a few months when I have everything finished for it. I'm going to make some low poly environments and maybe some characters too. As for the type of pet sim, I haven't 100% decided on it but I know that I definitely want it to have breeding as an aspect of it
  12. Recent movies thread

    Yeah! I'd definitely recommend it! My friend who previously disliked the series went with me to see it and now she's super into the series now
  13. Recent movies thread

    Last movie I've watched was Power rangers, and oh boy did I enjoy it. <:
  14. Old Member Introductions

    Auto intro threads? Neat! Anyways, Hi everyone I'm Coroax! Right now I am currently taking a one year 3D Modelling course (almost done though!), and afterwards I am wanting to get right into the game industry. Aside from that, in my spare time I've been currently working on some clothing art for explorewindrose. In the future I really want to make my own pet sim, and learn a bit of programming but for now I'm content helping produce content for other games c: Between classes and clothing art though,I like to sit down and play video games, particularly games like Pokemon, Legend of Zelda (haven't gotten my hands on breath of the wild yet ;o; ), Fire Emblem, Mother, Don't Starve, Harvest moon, and a few others.
  15. Unknown


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