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  1. @dracula - Always game for more work, and you’re great to work with!
  2. Bumping this up as I’m once again looking for more work- whether that’s a short term project or something more long term! I have a quick turnaround time and can work with what you need to help. More examples on request!
  3. I may be interested, project depending.
  4. Will be nice to see another new site on the market. I look forward to seeing it open up- I definitely feel doing away with battling is a good idea.
  5. @Shinobu I feel honoured! How is the best way to chat, would sending a message over here suffice, or would you like to chat elsewhere?
  6. I’d be very interested in working on item art, companion animals and miscellaneous art, I can style match to an extent. I’ve got a board here, but plenty more examples aside from that from unreleased projects that I can’t put out in the open yet. https://thegaminglist.com/topic/1663-artist-for-hire-pets-items-maps-etc/
  7. Once again open for commissions. Can do pets, maps, items. I would also consider working for a site instead of freelancing. Thank you!
  8. I can't really add much to this other than to say that the exact same thing happened to me when I quit years and years ago, I didn't get paid and I'd put money on it that you won't either. Edited because I'm cynical as all hell, but I hope you can at least get what you are owed.
  9. @Carl I had managed to log in, though it wouldn't let me change my password and implied that the one sent through email was a one time code as it wouldn't validate it as my 'current' password. I did try this a week or so ago so maybe it's entirely fixed now, but haven't tried since.
  10. Hope this is allowed- bumping this back up as bills are flooding in this month! Open for any art.
  11. With card games being on the up and up, I really don't see why this wouldn't work. Seems like a unique and interesting take on the average pet game, I'd be pretty interested in it!
  12. I haven't done any recently, but I can dig up some old examples probably- but I'm very interested. I'll drop you a mail when I find them!
  13. @dracula - Absolutely! And have no issue working to that deadline either- I'm currently furloughed from the Lab so have all the time in the world for art.
  14. @LobstahMoney - I am havin the same issue trying to get my password from the password recovery. Could you pass on that it needs to be fixed too, if possible? Thank you!
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