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  1. @dracula - Absolutely! And have no issue working to that deadline either- I'm currently furloughed from the Lab so have all the time in the world for art.
  2. @LobstahMoney - I am havin the same issue trying to get my password from the password recovery. Could you pass on that it needs to be fixed too, if possible? Thank you!
  3. @TheGalaxyRose - Thank you so much! Enjoy your dinner and I look forward to hearing from you too!
  4. Thank you @TheGalaxyRose! My items are 2.50 or 3.00 depending on complexity, recolours are 0.50 and small edits are 1.00! Thank you for enquiring too! ;w;
  5. @omee - thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliment, lineart is my favourite thing.
  6. @MimicTheTruth - That's a shame. Seems a waste to just sit on it. It'll be good to have another site on the block though, so hopefully you'll find something soon.
  7. Thank you so much! I'll absolutely have to make a post about you too, as you're so great to work with- I really appreciate this!
  8. Judda - Interesting to know! I think it'd be great to see it active again. @MimicTheTruth - Good luck! Hope you get joy from it-the site has a lot of potential!
  9. It might be worth reaching out to Joe/Carl on Verpets- I know the site was for sale a while ago and I believe it just needs a boost/pick-me-up to keep it going.
  10. Very late here but I’m Charlie/Higgs and I’m 29, I live in Wales in the UK. I’m an artist and a lab technician (and learning to be a tattooist) with 2 border collies, a welsh collie and a dachshund. I keep fish as a hobby, play D&D and like to dabble in model making. Nice to meet you all!
  11. @Terris I can normally do a pretty good job at it! If you want to shoot me a message with the style you use I can see how easily I can match it, if that helps!
  12. Hope this is allowed- bumping this up as I’m now available to work on projects either small or large again! Message me/DM me here and I’ll get back to you asap. I’ll also be updating the top post with more recent examples. Cheers guys!
  13. Updated with some slightly more recent item images, can also provide newer pet examples through DM if you require them! Open for work again, preferably something in pet art, but happy to do items, NPCs and Maps.
  14. Not sure if it's okay to bump, but currently looking again! PM me if you have any queries- I have more recent examples too.
  15. @Claws Thank you very much! I've been meaning to build a full portfolio for a while, but it's quite a struggle to get the energy to put anything together, haha! I am always open for PM's and I can certainly try- it's been a long time since I've tried my hand at anything avatar, but I'm always game to try. : D
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