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  1. Bumping this up again because I have some free time to either work for another site on top of my others, or just some freelance work!
  2. Bumping this one up as I’m once again free for more work! PM or drop me a message on here if you want to enquire about anything at all.
  3. @Vix - Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’m a guy too, but it’s a fair mistake!
  4. Am interested in doing item art and may be able to style match with furniture as well, dependant on style!
  5. Just gauging if there is any interest in a co-owned virtual pet game currently- I’m happy to provide the art and writing if I can find a programmer who would be happy to provide the programming. Looking to just start with a basic pet game similar to classic neopets/subeta/verpets which we can add to over time. I would also be happy to trade art for programming hours if that’s preferable!
  6. @dracula - Always game for more work, and you’re great to work with!
  7. Bumping this up as I’m once again looking for more work- whether that’s a short term project or something more long term! I have a quick turnaround time and can work with what you need to help. More examples on request!
  8. Will be nice to see another new site on the market. I look forward to seeing it open up- I definitely feel doing away with battling is a good idea.
  9. @Shinobu I feel honoured! How is the best way to chat, would sending a message over here suffice, or would you like to chat elsewhere?
  10. I’d be very interested in working on item art, companion animals and miscellaneous art, I can style match to an extent. I’ve got a board here, but plenty more examples aside from that from unreleased projects that I can’t put out in the open yet. https://thegaminglist.com/topic/1663-artist-for-hire-pets-items-maps-etc/
  11. Once again open for commissions. Can do pets, maps, items. I would also consider working for a site instead of freelancing. Thank you!
  12. I can't really add much to this other than to say that the exact same thing happened to me when I quit years and years ago, I didn't get paid and I'd put money on it that you won't either. Edited because I'm cynical as all hell, but I hope you can at least get what you are owed.
  13. @Carl I had managed to log in, though it wouldn't let me change my password and implied that the one sent through email was a one time code as it wouldn't validate it as my 'current' password. I did try this a week or so ago so maybe it's entirely fixed now, but haven't tried since.
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