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  1. A-un-ite Is how we pronounce it Thanks! We hope the feature works out haha
  2. We have found what we were looking for. Thanks to those that applied, Still responding to messages. Been a busy month and new main job for me Aeonite.net is looking for a volunteer Artist to join our small team to help us add another voice to creating content. We are all currently working in our free time as a volunteer group with the goal to hone our crafts and enjoy making the game. We are a very laid back group and we all work at our own pace and the pace has been great! There is zero pressure for anything. We just want some help with some insight! We are looking for someone who have various interests in creating things like concepts, item art, or even characters/pet art. You/We will have a LOT of creative freedom! Hope that is a plus! Work with us to help progress our story and have fun. I look forward to hearing from you! Please Message me with a bit about yourself and a few examples! Thanks! We are currently in development and you can find our intro post Below EDIT: Thank you to some for the valuable input on my posts.
  3. We have updated our projects name! WE ARE OFFICIALLY AEONITE.NET! I updated the initial post! We would also like to invite you guys to follow us on twitter, @AeoniteOfficial We Also Stream development and will soon have a public Discord I am really hoping to let you guys be some of the first Alpha testers Yall are a great helpful community and yall have helped me gain strive to continue my project (Ignore my TX yall twang)
  4. Looking for some extra work this week, if anyone needs anything let me know Id be glad to help!
  5. Thanks so much! Sorry for late response, been a long month trip and Im just now back to everything
  6. Hey there, I'm Jin (Nerkcast) and I am developing Aeonite.net Updating this post to reflect our Site changes sine this post was first posted! We have left our codename Venturepets behind and are officially called Aeonite.net! Started as a way to help me practice my art and learn a bit more programming I wanted to set out to try improve on some things that other sites I felt are lacking and tbh just to do stuff my way. This made learning fun and I am still having a blast! The Aeonite Universe revolves around fantasy creatures in a mostly "cell shaded" art style with various worlds. Pets tend to be a hybrid of various species. Your active pet plays a huge role in how various parts of the site interact with you and changes depending on how you customize each pet. The System is still being fleshed out but it has a great start and looks very promising! We want a players pets to be something they work on as much as they can, not completely collect. That being said Players will be able to create pets as "Villagers" vs thier main ones. Story wise we are working this out. We want to foster a community that strives with creativity and passion and will work very closely with players on improving the site and making it a better game (basic right!?) We are also advertising to a 20-something crowd, an older audience if you will. For some time it was just me creating here and there but now we have an amazing small team! We are Looking to expand our team with a few volunteer work (we are a laid back group and theres no pressure) - If you are an artist that would like to get some work under your belt I personally need help with things. - Please message me for details! We also have paid positions when I announce them I have attached a few things to let you have a little bit of view on what i've done so far. I have also started an official twitter to start posting a few teasers, updates etc from! Please follow us! We also follow other pet sites! Twitter: https://twitter.com/AeoniteOfficial Twitch Streams:(the Link changed to video on me. we are located on twitch at /nerkcast) W
  7. Still looking for a bit of extra work, if interested in anything please message me. Thanks for looking!
  8. I suggest semantic UI vs bootstrap. Verge off the generic looking websites that all look the same imo reason for code-igniter? I’m on laravel but thinking of switching. Problem is laravel is supposedly better supported
  9. I’m still in the long process (I’m a slow coder tbh and some pho isn’t clicking with me like I’d like it to. my project is being done in laravel and I would honestly love to see a very basic pet framework that’s expandable in Laravel or even codeigniter. I chose laravel simply imply for the login system and it’s supposed ease of use and learning curve. While we have a start on it there’s so much that’s needed. Its fun fun learning but I also learn by seeing and doing. An updated framework would do wonders. id personally prefer a buy once and done type model and have plugins or something to add onto other than my custom coding. i don’t like bloat and even sometimes laravel is just a lot to go through (for me) i wouod also be willing to shell out for various plugins such as times events. At certain times of the day etc etc
  10. Hello there, Jin here (that gin and tonic with a J lol) i am looking for a little bit of work to do outside my own pet site project Venturepets. I would love to draw up some concepts if needed or if you have a style of items I can try to make a few while replicating your style. My concepts vary but i am always practicing with them and learning to make them a bit better. Here’s just a few , currently mobile and I’ll grab more examples in a bit. Let me me know what your looking for and we can go from there Thanks for looking ! EDIT: You can also contact me via discord (nerkcast#4787) or twitter (@nerkcast) I also do emotes for anyones channel as well as streaming overlays. (Just edited this in) Draco concept
  11. So for Venturepets (we aren’t up yet) my plan is to have a few weekly contests regarding user submitted items, pet colors etc. I love the art community and there are players with great talent to not only help the site grow but also showcase their art to many. Im doing an increasing trophy count for items, a creative trophy and avatars and access to certain events before everyone based on certain criteria. We are building a backend for submissions and really I’d just double check images via google reverse search or stuff is Blantant theft from something I’d just reject. I def want to reward players for participating in any art event pay wose i am I am commission some artists for various things as I can. Right now my focus is mainly coding the basics.
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