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  1. Hello folks! My name is VVren, previously known as Splatterpunk - had trouble getting into my old account, so I wanted to pop back in and make myself once more available to the writing world. My experience stretches back over the last decade, with my early credits as an item and world writer for Icepets when I was still in high school and later as a bestiary writer for Beastkeepers. I currently own and run an ARPG at deviantart known as Vesper-End, and am the primary writer for the ARPG as well, responsible for creating everything from new items and their uses to enormous free roam locations and quests for players to complete. I am a professional freelance writer, working primarily as a ghost writer for fantasy novellas aimed at kids and teenagers, and now I'm looking to get back into the virtual pet area if there is a need. I am comfortable creating Items & Item Descriptions ($1 per item & brief description!) Locations & Lore Creatures / NPCs Large and Small scale storylines Reviews & blog posts, based in both fiction and nonfiction work Ask me. I've likely got experience with it somewhere down the line. I'm also available as an editor wherever is needed, with a primary focus on plot development and fluidity of a work. I'm down to earth and pretty chill, and I'm open to most projects, be it short or longer term, one time, whatever. So let me know!
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