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  1. Hi, it has been a while since an update of smallix came out. I'm happy to announce that we've moved out of the preliminary conceptualizing phase, both for Game Play & Art Design style. Smallix is a side scroller simulation rpg with forest manipulation in mind.
  2. Hi, the current project which I have embarked on has picked up substantial momentum. I am looking for an illustrator that can perform sketch drawings of creatures which has already been created. The sketch work would be in different perspectives per creature. I am ideally looking for an artist that can begin working right away because we have some major deadlines we are trying to hit and we need to pick up a bit of momentum. All payment can only be made via paypal at the moment. This could also turn into a long term gig, depending on the level of skill the artist presents. Please reach out to me via email -- [email protected] or on discord virgil-one#8535 .
  3. thanks for the welcome! Nice to meet you too!
  4. So, I've been posting on TGL and using it as a resource but I've never really introduced myself! My name is Virgil and I am a lover of virtual animals! I absolutely enjoy watching/talking nba basketball, and enjoy playing video games (although I'm not really caught up with what's hip right now). I do talk a lot in social circles (in person) but on the internet I am a bit more reserved. My greatest goal in life I hope to achieve is to someday be able to wake up at any time and not feel the pressure of having to report in to work so that I don't get fired XDD. For the past few years, I've been involved in this game project and boy o boy can I say its been extremely fun, challenging and eye opening. Having to work on an idea of 4-6 weeks, toss it out, rinse and repeat and working within a team has been an incredible experience. Though I do feel like this year, the project has turned a serious corner. Nice to meet you all, and don't be shy and say hello if you feel like it!
  5. Smallix is a pretty action packed and so we felt it necessary to conceptualize character behavior. Its also giving us a better feel for what we want for our splash screens for the various releases we plan to have in the future. This is the ideal complete evolution chain of a smallix creature. Just by looking at it, you can quickly tell that we were inspired by pokemon and digimon, however, this is not a pet battling game. Our team has been prototyping a LOT and me showing you everything we have would only spoil the fun for you guys but we are slowly narrowing and refining the evolution process for all the small creatures. These animations is just me demonstrating that we are hard at work to get these creatures to be ready. Animation is a time consuming process, because of look and feel. We are bringing all of our creatures to life and we want them all to have the type of personality that we all love and hold dear. As a final update, our team has finally settled on the domain for the site and we've registered it. In addition to that, we had been brainstorming, tweaking and constantly iterating over the core game mechanic and I have to say, with everyday that goes by, I get more and more satisfied with it. We have to get through a few more obstacles with the game-play and if everything fits we can move out of the tweaking/adjusting/brainstorming phase and move to the polish and refine phase. All of these updates can be found on our facebook page: VirgilOne Facebook New to Smallix? Smallix is a semi - vegetation simulator with role playing elements. You start with a special creature (the smallix creature) that can alter the balance of vegetation in various forests. Altering the balance of vegetation can cause different crops to grow and can change the different creatures that slowly inhabit that particular forest. the different foods your smallix creature eats allows it to grow different abilities, features and traits to help you bring back balance.
  6. I've recently hired Dinocanid as a Consultant for project smallix, and he has been tremendous. He's very responsive, produces work of tremendous quality, is accountable. He's currently continuing to work with me on a consultant basis, however I can't emphasize enough how much of a pleasure it is to work with him and how versatile his skillset is. He is a regular on TGL and already came highly recommended but I just can't help myself and share some positive words.
  7. I am in need of an animation artist, to draw animation cycles in sketch form only for some of the creatures we have. We are currently prototyping some of our creatures. We are not looking for lineart coloring yet. We have some foxes, bears, coyotes and dogs that we need to produce animation for. If you're interested in this paid project. Please reach out to me via email: [email protected] or discord virgil-one#8535 to discuss work details and your qualifications.
  8. This is awesome Leef! Keep up the great work!
  9. Virgil One


    Welcome and great introduction! I should probably do one of these myself at some point! Looking forward to more of your posts XDD
  10. just an FYI I did make an additional spoilder at the end of the page
  11. So to avoid spamming TheGameList and make myself feel like a broken record, I won't be posting every weekly update that the project makes, however on facebook, I have begun to do weekly updates (they are small but show what we have going on, you can keep up there). Monumental progress will possibly be put on The Gaming List to share.
  12. Thank you very much for being interested! It's going to be another 6-7 weeks before we have a website up to have people apply for the beta. What I do want you to know is a lot of consideration is going into this because we don't want to lead anyone on. We are already in the process of building a beta time-line and our beta will be broken into 6-phases and personally as a fan of many games myself, disappointment is truly the last thing I want for any fan. I will be pro-active on TheGameList and once we put a sign-up list I will notify you.
  13. Yes, its for ios + android and also for the pc. There's a strong focus to make it really fun on both mobile & non-mobile platforms.
  14. No, I'm going the traditional way, using one of the html5 engines out there.
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