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    Hiya ya'll! I'm June. Though mostly known as Herbal or various variants such as iHerbal, LadyHerbal etc. Depending on availability upon sign up! I'm a game owner, my site Lucky Lapine turns 8 this July and while it's currently in revamp mode where we are redoing a lot of behind the scene stuff, it's alive and thriving. It's a rabbit breeding game, with guinea pigs as well in it, and soon rats. I can't wait to add the rats, they are goorgeous if I can say so myself ;D. Beside running LL, I work full time as a childrens/ young adult librarian, I also dabble as our youth alibi, computer wiz, tech support for our library system, and handyman of our 3D printer. I also volunteer as webmaster for a local festival's website. I don't do coding myself, but I kind of want to learn, and I know basic css. If I had more energy I'd learn grapic designing and how to make my own layouts properly. I don't code myself, but I've got a loyal coder who is my righthand wingman and a loyal artist who is my lefthand wingman. I kind of suck at these types of intro posts, but I really want a signature so I figured this was the way to go! LOL.
  2. How old you are. I'm apparently turning 33 this year. I don't know how that happened. What your gender is. Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Norway What you do / What you are studying. I'm a children/young adult librarian beside game runner How many pets (and/or) kids you have. Two cats and two chinchillas, and a tiny arm of dust bunnies
  3. Lucky Lapine - https://www.luckylapine.com - Facebook - Twitter A fun, realistic breeding game where you can breed rabbits and guinea pigs. We pride ourselves by making the game as realistic as possible, and yet keep it fun, exciting and easy to learn! We have rabbits and guinea pigs to choose from currently, with big plans to add more, such as the soon coming rats. Each species is drawn in our unique, super adorable and yet super realistic style especially done for our site by our very talented artist and features as many genetic colour and coat variations as possible!
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