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  1. That is what I figured. I know back when I was first looking into PBBG development there were some people offering a trade of art for code but that was over a decade ago and things have definitely changed. Though, I don't think that anyone actually took up those offers if I remember right.
  2. As the title says, is accepting custom art (for games, personal characters, etc.) something those who do backend/frontend coding do? What about accepting code bits for art commission? Say, an artist needs a secure login or creature generator but doesn't know where to start and a coder needs a new pet design or a town map and can't afford it, is that a reasonable trade? I pretty much expect the answer to be no but i figured it would be worth discussing since a search didn't bring up this question. Any way if you are a programmer or artist tell me why you would or wouldn't want to trade code for art if the cost of both is equal - 1:1 on commission price.
  3. Yooo, so I have a lot of trouble with coming up with creature and place names. I either end up just smashing the keyboard to come up with things or using a generator. So my question to the community, is how do you come up with your creature/place names?
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