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  1. Sortie's Sketchbook

    I've started a Twitter account! Planning to post regular / daily sketches on there. Check it out if interested! https://twitter.com/WestermannArt Anyone else on Twitter? Let me know!
  2. Absolutely love the wooden items set - what a steal of a price too! Beautiful work, good luck on the sales.
  3. Sortie's Sketchbook

    @halichu: Thanks, appreciated! Not all start as traditional sketches, but very often they do. When inspiration strikes, off I go! whether in a sketchbook, or (more often), on scrap pieces of paper. Here's some new art: It's a character for a personal project. She's a mapmaking beaver! ~ This one is a collection of 105 items from a long-time personal project! They are quite old, but I wanted to share as I was going through old art for my portfolio. I'm proud of many of these, but others I'll definitely need to scrap and redo.
  4. Sortie's Sketchbook

    @Martyn Thank you! I didn't work for Lurapets, but I did a lot of independent work in the past, so I might have indirectly? I do remember you though, you're the great musician! I hope you are doing well (and your music). You might have known me as... erde, piksi or something else. I went by several names in the past. @Anoua Thanks again, I'm glad you think so. I've been busy with a ton of snow for the last few days so I didn't get a chance to update. I'm nearly done with my portfolio website! I did a soft launch today and am hoping to polish it by the end of the weekend. 😃 Here's a few things I've worked on in the last little while: This one was completed a few months back from a collection of original animal characters! This is the elephant chef. I didn't really give her a name. Any suggestions? This other is a clip from a larger bike illustration I'm currently working on.
  5. What! yes, I did miss that. I guess I'll have to join and explore! Thanks for clearing that up. 😉❤️ Edit: Hmm.. apparently I'm "too young" - hahaha! That's funny. I must have entered my birthdate incorrectly and it locked me out: "Sorry, we are unable to process younger applicants at this time. A parent or guardian can make an account on your behalf as long as they take care to monitor the account for safety and only use their own identifying information such as email." Edit 2: Attempted with another browser and was successful. All good now!
  6. Sortie's Sketchbook

    Thank you @LIZ! @Anoua, that's right! I suppose I can still call them semi-real-but-fantasy-veggies! haha. I think I'll pull the last fruity one and replace with another more veggie like one. Here's a few sketches from the set: You can see my reworking on the pod/pea like veggie on the bottom left as well as the original sketch for the now fruit-like item to the right, plus the hearty lettuce up top half cut off. Here's the moose character sketch: ALSO. I started scanning old sketchbooks while trying to organize my portfolio (so much work!) and found dozens of old sketches I wanted to refinish!! Like these ones: I'm thinking about trying to finish this phoenix bird in a few different styles (semi realism cell shade, soft shade/detailed and cartoon). I think I'd make an excellent practice and portfolio piece. UPDATE: jan 7, 2019: Some progress on the phoenix bird.
  7. Ohh, beautiful artwork, I love the avatars! I'm excited to see this launch. Definitely one I will be watching for.
  8. Sortie's Sketchbook

    @Anoua It is meant to be a root vegetable- so success! Thanks! Although, I might have to add a little more to it to make it more... "fantastical." Hmm. @Claws Oh, thank you! I might be interested, send me a private message with details and we can discuss if you'd like? -- I added a few more veggies. Although I think the last one might be more like a fruit. I will probably redraw the pod veggie as well, it didn't quite turn out how I wanted. 5 more to go to the next set! I also started on a sketch for a moose-type shopkeeper image as well, I will share that one soon. 😃
  9. Sortie's Sketchbook

    Hi there! I've worked with online games in the past and I'm working on getting back into the art. This thread is to share my art and progress! Feel free to share any comments, suggestions, tips, etcetera! Item Progression: Working on a set of fantasy themed vegetables for a personal challenge.
  10. New Years Resolutions!

    Happy 2019!! I'm planning to launch my art portfolio this year - and overall getting back on track with my art. I also plan to do some more reading and learning.

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