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  1. I'm 26 years old and genderfluid. I have 1 cat and am happily child-free. My cat's needy enough as is anyway. I live within an hour radius from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA. Right now I'm mostly waiting to get back into college. I don't know when it will happen though because there's a lot I have to do first. I have a 2-year, but I aspire for a 4-year.
  2. On games where real money can be involved in the creation or appearance of a pet, I'm strongly opposed to death systems. If I spend money on a pet, I don't want to lose it. I wouldn't spend money on any pets where they die. I do strongly support "release" systems though where pets are removed from the active pet population and can be erased by the game. If pets do have a death, I'd prefer it be based on when I log in and not include the days where I'm unable to get on and play (similar to Lioden's rollover function). If my pets are dying regardless of the fact I can't get online to take care of them, I'm going to be put off from the game entirely.
  3. Edited by @Digital - merging posts into Game News.
  4. In making this thread my intent was certainly not to paint the site in a negative light or any light at all. My intention was to share important developments within a pet site with the pet site community. No more, no less. If there is "positive" stuff I missed, I'd love to see it. I'm not being sarcastic or mean-spirited in the slightest when saying that either. I went through the information available to all Felisfire users. Yes, the screenshots don't show everything, but to post every single comment is silly. I did the best I could to show the relevant information to the developments the players have been told about publicly. If at any point @Digital wishes to lock or even remove this thread, I will support that decision 100%.
  5. Shoot. The screenshots got a little messed up somehow. Sorry about that, everyone! @Nova I'm keeping an eye on things there. I'll be sure to post anything new that I think is relevant.
  6. Around June 6th or 7th of this year, Felisfire went down and was completely inaccessible. It came back up sometime early on the 9th. The following screenshots document the fundraising process before the site went down and what has occurred on the site since the site came back online. News posts and comments on news posts are directly from Felisfire's on-site news section. Forum posts are from a thread started on Felisfire's forums. The thread was created with intent to find a possible way to buy the site (in an effort to "save" the site, so to speak). (All usernames other than the site owner, programmer, and head admin have been blurred.)
  7. @Boltgreywing I know what bots are. What wasn't clear to me is how exactly they're your biggest problem in regards to player trust.
  8. @volka Thank you for sharing your experiences and models! @Hare This is definitely already proving to be quite useful and informative. I'm really glad to see people respond and to see that others are glad for this information as well. c: @Boltgreywing I'm not sure I fully understand what you mean by bots being your biggest problem.
  9. Mountains are the best. The best flight I've ever been on took us right up the Rockies. Sadly where I live is very flat so I live vicariously through others who are near mountains. I like reading Georgette Heyer (she's so witty!) and playing Pokemon and Fire Emblem... I don't have a ton of hobbies or whatnot outside of pet site stuff. Oops. Music though, music is right up there with mountains on my "favorite things" list. Tops mountains actually, which is saying a lot. When it comes to things I can learn I like studying psychology, and teaching myself Ruby was fun. (I don't /know/ Ruby, but I've learned intro stuff in the past.)
  10. What active steps do/will you take to build trust with your userbase? What do/will you do if you make a mistake and break that trust? If you're a player, what do you expect out of the admin and staff of the sites you frequent? Situation inspiring this thread: Today is the first day back up for a pet site that I've been on for almost 7 years. It was down for two days without warning. It took awhile for the news to be updated after the site came back up too. The news post said "We are currently trying to figure out what went wrong" but that they think it was a server issue, and "[w]hen we learn more we will update you." I read the comments on the news post and 6 posts down was a statement from the owner of the site. The owner essentially said they are absolved from all blame because the coder is now responsible for everything related to maintenance of the site (due to a contract they have written up). The only thing the coder can't do is change the Terms of Service. It's worth noting at this point that the site has been under a redesign and recode for a long time now (probably at least a year -- can't remember for sure). The coder was brought in to do this single-handedly. The owner also stated in their comment that "it is [the coder's] responsibility to ensure the site he is contracted to run is functional. It is worth noting, however, that [the coder] has not paid for the server payment that was due June 1, 2017. This may be a reason why the game is down, however I could not give you a concrete answer as I am not a coder or a server admin, thus I cannot tell you why it was down. It is the job of the contracted game manager [the coder] to determine that - all I ensure is that the server is paid (despite having not been given a server payment in 9 days, so the server payment is delinquent by 9 days)." The owner added a note at the end of their post saying "[The coder] has stated to me recently that he no longer wants to run [the site], so that may be why he didn't fix [the site] when it went down." Two final points to add regarding this situation are 1) there was very public fundraising (via the cash shop) to cover the server costs. It was announced and discussed in the news several times; and 2) there was a successful kickstarter 1 1/2 years ago (with over 2x the goal amount raised) to fund the redesign/recode of the game and to fund new features that are are to be added to the site. There has been progress, but not much has been shown to the players. There is a new forum and a new front page layout (not the entire site), but most everything else is still behind-the-scenes with occasional updates in the news. So what do you think, TGL? How do you handle trust relations in your game?
  11. I don't care if he does great things for our country. I will never like him. Do I want him to fail? Hell no. I don't have that kind of death wish. But will I support him? Never. I will never support someone who defends perpetuating rape culture, glorifies sexual assault, or makes fun of people with disabilities (amongst other things he's said/done) and fails to acknowledge the wrongness of those actions and the harm they can/do cause. Everyone makes mistakes. The more honorable people admit their mistakes, apologize, and try to make retribution (when possible). Trump does none of those things. In my opinion he is not someone who deserves the presidential mantle.
  12. I get bored and they're easier for me to go in and out of on a whim without losing track of where I'm at. I loved playing Guild Wars 2, but I didn't play for awhile and now I'm almost afraid to open the game again because I haven't the slightest clue where I left my character. Pet sites are a lot "safer" in that regard. The community is the biggest thing that keeps me interested in a pet site. I'm shy and don't like to voice chat, so other types of games' communities don't work as well for me as pet sites do with their live chat and forums. The site I'm on the most right now is Neopets and part of what gives me stuff to do is the people there that I've befriended. There are some regulars on one of the boards that I'll say hi to, I talk with a lot of my friends via pm, and then I've always been a huge supporter of guilds there. Guilds are what kept me on Neo until I grew up more and realized there were other things to do there that were interesting (like the pet side of the site). They're still a place I can generally go to chat and in the one I'm currently in, someone will probably be there to talk with me during the hours I'm most likely online. There are enough active people where it's fun to have quick-moving conversations on the private guild forum. So I guess in summary it's because I can switch between them whenever I want and not feel as lost and the people are usually what make/break the sites for me after that.
  13. After a two-year hiatus I've fallen back into spending most of my online time on Neopets. I still do minimal maintenance on accounts with Flight Rising, Felisfire, Gryffs, Furvilla, and Novilar. Once in a rare while I'll end up back on miscellaneous other sites, but those games don't have much to keep my interest enough anymore to really mention them right now. I currently have more friends on Neo than I do anywhere else so that's why I spend more time there. I'm honestly using Flight Rising mostly as a "safety deposit box" of sorts for pet site currency. I don't know anyone in the FR community. I just do what I can to gather money there since it seems like a safe and popular place to hold things until I fall in love with a site again that allows cross-site trading.
  14. Amazon Prime (even though I cancelled mine a few months ago Dx) Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?
  15. @runeowl Thanks! It's nice to be here. I'm really excited about it!! It will be awesome seeing discussion with this stuff again. c:
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