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  1. Hi! Can you do anatomically correct dogs/cats?
  2. Hello everyone, my name is Cayda and I have been doing PHP based web development for almost 10 years. I started out doing basic HTML webpages like everyone else and went up from there. I am entirely self taught and love what I do. I offer a wide range of services - everything from bug fixes to small add on scripts to full games. I can provide samples and references upon request. I can be contacted here, via Skype (kbateman@outlook.com), email (kbateman0522@gmail.com) and discord (message for ID, I don't have it right now). Later on I will update this post with samples and references, but for now I just wanted to get my post up and my name out there again. I am currently OPEN for work, on a case by case basis. This means that I am able to take work but I may be picky about the jobs that I take.
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