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  1. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are. 50 What your gender is. Female Where you live (can be general or exact). Dallas, Texas What you do / What you are studying. I'm a homemaker atm but learning C# and Unity (to help a friend with their game). Making a game has been a back-burner dream of mine since pong. Literally. My mom worked at Texas Instruments so even in the late 70s I was learning snippets of DOS from the programmers there. I've always been interested in programming but life just took me other directions. Now that I have time, I'm going to see if I can figure out how to make that game I'm always dreaming about it my head. How many pets (and/or) kids you have. I have one dog (Boxer/Lab mix) and one daughter, the best thing I've done so far.

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