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  1. Here are some adoptables we sold recently!! We're doing a fun little thing where we have a certain theme for these new adopt sets, which we're calling series 1. The first was the sweets set, and the second recent one was the plants set. For these we have 1 taller bipedal design, 1 quadruped design, and 1 squishy bipedal design. We've also thrown in some pets for goals during the auction, so those have been fun to come up with as well!!
  2. How old you are: 23! What your gender is: Female Where you live: California What you do: I'm a youtuber with my fiance under a different name but also do a lot of art & commission sales on deviantart under this name! On youtube we do different things such as animations, let's plays, speed drawings, etc. But for this brand we do lots of cute art, sell adoptables, take commissions, and work on plenty of creative projects where virtual pets are involved!!! How many pets do you have: 1 sweet and nervous chihuahua! Though living with our friends, they have 2 cats and 1 shiba inu as well!
  3. Hi there! I'm not sure if you've noticed yet since it says unread still, but I've sent you a pm ?✨
    If you wouldn't mind giving it a quick read whenever you're able I'd really greatly appreciate it!!!
    I hope you have a nice day ?

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