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  1. Eliyo Kickstarter Live!

    $972 down so far, 14 days to go. I put in my pledge, who else will support this project?
  2. Crafting store stocks materials you can use in the coming plushie factory, for items like the Petittroll family. 30 more hidden avatars were just released, representing pet species and element colors. Quests are giving more gold now, these will always give you a profit when buying the items from NPC stores or from player shops close to NPC prices. Facebook group just opened, if FB is your thing you're welcome to join. You can also chat on discord with this Project: Petsite invite!
  3. Spy glass is broken and needs parts! Find them in the crafting store to get it back up giving gold and kudos. http://ProjectPetsite.com
  4. Quick stock moves items with a tap on mobile or pc, same when pricing items, no need for extra click of submitting selections! Hidden avatars available for collection and boards. There have been many more updates since last tgl post, catch up at https://projectpetsite.com/news
  5. @Mobotropolis thanks for the in depth review of things, espessially now in this early stage of testing / releasing early and develop as we go, the feedback helps a lot.
  6. Long term paid staff spot open for animated avatar artist. And if you've done logos, I'd love to see past work! The example shows some pets we're opening with, involving all or some with our name and made with your creative touch would be awesome!
  7. You're welcome to claim your favorite username and play in some the core features we opened with, break stuff and let us know what to fix in the onsite forums! Many many more updates to catch up in discord news and dev log channels, your invite is on ProjectPetsite.com/discord Map art was done by Hornbuckle, and each element themed section of the map will have it's own land.
  8. The future of traditional browser based virtual pet sites is in making sure it's 100% mobile friendly (not manually stuck with navigating an outdated game). Less time on PC, more time on mobile, most pet sites not so friendly to devices people are spending more time is probably playing a big role there.
  9. Starting Jan 21st founding members lock in the best username and pet names, alpha tester account rank, early access to try new developments in the future! First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in http://projectpetsite.com/discord news. Here's a peek at some Valentine items for the coming month from @superbearwars First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in projectpetsite.com/discord news. Plushie items of the troll family of pets! Evo line of Petittrol, Trollannabe, and the mighty Trogrell! Made with masterful care and communication by @LIZ Dripple has the special ability to evolve into 2 different evolution lines! Training for Cirrunovem or Spookygami?
  10. Claws & Nate (Client)

    @superbearwars is truely a rising star as an artist, hitting the button on each one daily in Projectpetsite. Fun and laidback, getting things done, and blessing us with positivity.
  11. Hey @bear! Would love to discuss the chance of working together on projectpetsite! Will send a PM.
  12. Claws & Nate (Client)

    Thanks for the kind review! It's always a fun time working with you on ProjectPetsite!
  13. Past couple days of news, but there's a lot more added to dev chat throughout every day on discord! Petittrol fan art and a banner made for bear in the discord Howlhound Plushies made by @LIZ Private messaging with group chat
  14. Thanks for the support @SilverBrick! What parts of the progress do you like the most?
  15. Woot woot, congrats on the sale @Vix! Can't wait to see this art in action!
  16. Backpack with items in desktop and mobile views. Project Petsite will have pets that can evolve into more powerful creatures as long as you raise them correctly. Some might need to be levelled up in battles, others could be fed certain items.. or perhaps you visiting certain places or posting on the forum on a Thursday when it is exactly 22 degrees outside will force an evolution - who knows?! While we cant go into detail on HOW they evolve, at this stage we can reveal some evolution previews. This is the adoption page and these are ALL the pets that will be available for adoption when we open up for testing. Example of how you'll see your active pets. >> The features that will be available when we open to testers in January 2019 are: - Profiles - Boards - Group Private Messaging - Notifications - News - Adopt a Pet - Inventory System - NPC Shops - At least 150 items - At least 10 different pet species -- With upto 5 different potential elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Mech & Undead) -- Some pet species with evolutions! - At least 1 Quest - At least 1 HTML5 Game >> The features that MIGHT be available when we open to testers in January 2019: - Trading System -- Trading Currency, Pets AND/OR items! - User Shops -- With the ability to own multiple stores! - 'Secret Avatars' >> Features that WONT be available when we open, but are part of the plan to get them in are: - Trophies System - Battle Arena (Although this isnt a "dead promise" like other sites. We expect this to be released by March). - Explore Area
  17. In Development List

    Project: Petsite is in development, open for player testing Jan 21st 2019, a virtual pet site that is fully mobile friendly! ProjectPetsite.com Discord invite at ProjectPetsite.com/discord Follow https://twitter.com/projectpetsite
  18. Sortie's Sketchbook

    Awesome fantasy carrot, that looks great! Are you interested in paid commissions? Project: Petsite needs a lot to catch up with @Nate superhuman programming speed.
  19. Love your art! Are you available for avatar commissions? @Pepper-Head
  20. Love the potions, thanks @LIZ!
  21. The concept shot is growing on us, but if you can improve on it please get in touch! Paying by Paypal. Also need a graphic artist to start now creating animated avatars, we'll regularly be buying these.
  22. The Lost Fable

    Having a fun time with this, back in the game.
  23. Would love to get back in touch with more old friends!
  24. Solpets: New Battle Opponent!!

    Looks like fun, love the art!
  25. Keep an eye on things and listen to your players about the economy, adjust as needed in new and existing features with supplying or demanding more of the items or currency. Learn about fiat money, currency created from nothing. Think of the long term with every push or pull added to the site.

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