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  1. Congrats on the sale! Glad you found a buyer so quickly.
  2. One ambitious idea was deciding to make a new pet site and getting started that day with Michael. We named it IcePets, and @Nate made it possible with years of development. Over ambitious because I had no clear picture what to expect at the start, was just disappointed as a player seeing Teripets decline and wanted to do more.
  3. You'll always have difficulties to solve, especially if you're growing with new developments and doing new things. If people can sign up and play it's an open pet site.
  4. Best of luck on the Novilar sale, hope it goes well for you and the new owner.
  5. Glad TGL has been here all this time since VPL, keeping us virtualpetsite lovers together with a spot to find each other.
  6. Estimate the number of hours from your life invested into the project to your magic number, it's not something to be ashamed of or to hold high the opinions of outside critics looking in from their own muddy water. Best wishes to you, and to another 5 good years of IcePets.
  7. Testing out a plushie crafting feature in projectpetsite.
  8. Best of luck with Virtual Loft, hope it goes well for you. How's the progress so far? @Reav
  9. Sounds like a nice way to help someone learn.
  10. I'm grateful you're here with us, can't wait to see what you create in projectpetsite! Looking forward to working with such a positive person.
  11. Wow, that's some amazing art. Your idea of not much portfolio looks like an impressive display to me. ProjectPetsite will be in need of art for the long term, I'll send a PM. Can you also do avatar art?
  12. A set of new St Patrick's items are stocking today and tomorrow until midnight! Out of stock until next year as a rare prize in future St Patty events.
  13. Make the experience just as good on mobile as on PC, the browser based game is more immersive when it can be easily played on all the devices.
  14. All the ProjectPetsite news ? @LIZ made wooden carving of pet species, 35 total including these! It's a crafting item for the Plushie Factory, a quest of supplies to make plushies of your pets! Preview of the unreleased Plushie Factory: Woodland Forest is a new daily with chance to get a Wooden Carving every 4 hours, stock up early! Curio is hiding an avatar, follow the right path for the rewards; this player written guide might help you.... @bear also made the new Self Guidance and Listen To Me avatars! Quest Leaderboards are live, rankin
  15. New ProjectPetsite releases of wooden pet carvings, books, feature to get prizes every 4 hours, Sales Ledger for player shops, leaderboards, and a hidden Curio avatar! https://projectpetsite.com/news





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