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  1. artist here to help

    so cute critter!
  2. added valentines items.
  3. added eyeballs... ya eyeballs.
  4. added a mushroom map, i was board... anyway, i have no clue what the prices are for map places go. so someone can offer on it.
  5. animation... help!

    thank you. for some reason with krita my tablet does not work right.. like when i go to draw with the pen it goes way over to the other side of the drawing space.
  6. so i have a plant i want to animate and i am doing it on https://www.ezimba.com/index-ln.html#home. it works but i have save it to all the different ones, psd, sai,png ,jpg. they will not open on my SAI program. i want to learn to animate items. think it would be fun. plant image, she blinks,smiles, and moves its leaf on the pot. is there another program i can use that is sorta cheaper? i have krita just do not know how to animate on it...
  7. added a monster fish battle opponent!
  8. added a little pet, rock monster.
  9. fishing game?

    fish game idea is sold.
  10. anyone need wooden items?
  11. Sortie's Sketchbook

    your art is beautiful!
  12. Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!😊

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