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  1. any way i can get ahold of him? i drew a map for him in 2012 and was wondering if i could color it and maybe sell it.
  2. Martyn could you please give me a link to Elz items tutorial? thank you.
  3. okay i tried a different items coloring tutorial, what do you guys think?
  4. Cool thank you. How do I get to her tutorials?
  5. here is a book i did doing this tutorial, is it okay looking?? link https://www.deviantart.com/elz-art/art/Item-Tutorial-for-Daelune-188255999
  6. Oh thank you never thought to look there.?
  7. another question, is there some items tutorials out there? i would like to learn another way to color items.
  8. anyone interested in art? i can make art fast if it is needed.
  9. HUGE ART DUMP! all items are 100x100. best offers. These were for an app game i was working on but the person had no time to work on it.
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