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  1. I hired Ibbit to do some pixel artwork for me. She was fast, professional, and skilled. She captured the very essence of the artwork I had in my mind and delivered it to me on the same day. I would recommend her and intend to work with her in the future. ?
  2. @Ibbit I haven't played it for any great length of time, but my sister used to and I am aware of it generally — it looks cool, but when I played it (many, many years ago) I felt like I had nothing to do on there. Or at least, I was uncertain about what I could do in the game. ? I love Stardew Valley myself — graphically and in terms of the game systems — which is where I originally got the idea of having an online RPG in the same sort of art style (partly because that's also cheaper and more realistic to launch than having a 3D virtual world.) I am indeed looking to hire artists as I
  3. Oh okay. Well, for a start it's a browser-based RPG, it's not just a point and click standard site. So hopefully that will gain some interest. I am implementing a quest system along with events. I'm undecided on dailies — whenever I play an MMO with dailies I always feel pressured and/or feel the rewards aren't worth it, so I don't bother but if people desperately want a reason to play the game every day, I suppose they could be implemented. There won't be any games (e.g. mini games, etc.) as such, but I can see a place for competitions like "Submit an amazing piece of artwork or a p
  4. Activities Hmm. When you say activities, what do you mean? Community There will be player groups, alliances/guilds, and factions that your characters can work with. Given the divided nature of the realms, your character will likely end up siding with some factions over others although you're not bound to them — if you decide your character is tired of working with the "good" faction, there's nothing stopping them from switching to help the "bad" faction, or even remaining neutral. I mean, some people just want to farm in peace and not go to war. Social features In-game
  5. My next steps will be acquiring people to bounce ideas and features off — obviously, I have a vision for my game, but there's no point me accruing a lot of art assets if people don't find the basic premise of the game interesting, and the gameplay fun...
  6. Posting this more as an accountability/development thread than an announcement of anything. Furry Realms is an online multiplayer RPG featuring anthropomorphic animals. I suppose the closest comparison would be RuneScape but without the fancy 3D graphics but also a bit of Stardew Valley in terms of pacing. It is a 2D graphical game (like Stardew Valley) with a focus on community, engaging stories that have closure, and having fun at your own pace. The premise of the game is based primarily in the mythological realm of Albion (where King Arthur, Camelot, the Round Table, etc. exist.)
  7. I would be interested in integrating with this site. I have an in-development game.
  8. The syntax has changed, you need to use User.find_by(vname: some_value) https://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveRecord/FinderMethods.html#method-i-find_by
  9. Automated tests are bits of code that you write that you then run before uploading the codebase to your site. In other words, you write the tests in the style of how you expect the code to be, and the tests confirm whether that is actually true or not. For example, below is a piece of code I wrote to check that my emails are being sent out with the correct details. The language is different but the principle is the same. describe "new_forum_post" do let(:mail) { ForumPostNotification.new_forum_post(forum_post(:first), users(:matthew).email) } it "renders the headers" do expe
  10. 1. Do you have a test suite implemented for your code base? I find that automated tests before deploying a new version of the game catch most bugs which will help reduce the number of bug reports you have to deal with. As for what a good rate of fixing bugs is, that depends entirely on your team and playerbase. I'd say fix the bugs that are going to have the most impact on your revenue first. 2. I don't typically shut down a feature as such, if a test fails I simply don't deploy the code until it's fixed, but if it somehow breaks in production I immediately revert the change to get back t
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