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  1. I'm not sure what exactly your chimeras are based off of, but they look like moose-griffins to me. Not sure if that helps or not. I'm not the best at naming species. I've only named one. ^_^;; Four of the five bird species in my game will be based on actual mythical birds (Roc, Pamola, Diniao, and Phoenix) so it seemed appropriate to keep those names. The fifth is the Orit (a completely made-up species), and I honestly can't remember how I came up with it. I think I was just throwing sounds together and the people I was talking with about the game at the time really liked that one. I had a name for the continent at one point, but I don't like it anymore so it's a bit nameless. I actually used Latin for part of many place names and it worked out well. The place names sound cohesive (as if they were named by the same group(s) of people) and due to how I handled the English portion of the place names, it's easy to tell what type of environment the place is. I also used some English (England) place-name prefixes/suffixes to help me in naming certain areas of the map. There's a wiki list somewhere online that I used. The prefixes and suffixes have meaning that help describe what kind of place something is. The list gave examples of how they are used as well. I wish you the best of luck in finding a naming convention that works for you!!
  2. I'm part of four different official Discord servers for pet sites (2 in beta, 2 in development). I really enjoy the speed with which Discord allows you to communicate with the members and staff. I'm a moderator for one in beta, and it's great how we can quickly switch between private staff discussions and public chat conversation with the other members of the site. We had to do a lot of that switching tonight because there were several users who were starting a brainstorming session for site ideas and it turned into a deluge of information being created by everyone. It was so convenient having a shared platform for those two very different types of conversation. All I had to do was click between the two channels within the server, and it saved a lot of headache that we would have had if there were different apps we were using for talking as staff and talking as players. I'm also really biased towards Discord because I use it all the time to talk with friends. I find it very easy to use once you get the hang of where things are (which doesn't take long). I've never made an active server myself, but it seems to be relatively easy. I know adding bots like pokecord (fun!) is easy because I did it for a private server I made for myself. It's pretty user-friendly. They even have a list of markdown to make it easy for people to know what's supported (markdown list here). Plus they have neat quirky things they'll say at times like when the program's loading or when they ask for your permission to access your account info when you want to upvote a bot.
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