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  1. I recently lost my last programmer and am sadly looking to find someone else who may be interested in constructing a graphical chatsite similar to wolfing (https://wolfkodi.dyndns.org/wolfing/) or wolfhome (www.wolfhome.com). I am willing to pay for your work as well as share some of the profit of the site with you; it would be a long term gig and a source of some income. I'll be creating the artwork for the website. below I list some beginning features i would like to have constructed: a graphical chat site with basic chat functions (moderation and administration tools, scrollbar/log, ignore/block, friend, etc) simple profiles a variety of species for avatar sets; the ability to customize with a hex-color palette a map to access room locations and who's online function that lists the users online interactive objects in room (i.e. can hide behind a bush or sit behind a waterfall) a dual currency system; one based on real money and the other an in-game currency that can be earned some items i would like to eventually be able to add: ability to upload custom avatars with an administrator-ran review system to ensure no stolen artwork professions (alchemy, crafting, exploring) items that can be discovered, earned or crafted and applied to the default avatar pose sets an auction house to sell goods quests relying on completing tasks achievements and badges to display on profiles gifts to send and receive to be viewed on profiles If you're interested or would like to know more about this project, please contact me via e-mail (castilleja.flower@gmail.com) with examples and your pricing. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.
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