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  1. My name is Tyler; I am the CEO and Founder of Kaylune.com, a story-driven virtual pet site that has currently been open to the public since 2015. I am currently a university student looking to explore a career outside of the virtual pet space, and it is no longer possible for me to continue as Kaylune's owner. I am beginning to reach out to see if I can find someone interested in purchasing Kaylune.com (the game, its assets & IP, etc.), and I encountered TGL as a successor to VPL as one of the first places to look. You can view an simple interface created by a former Kaylune artist at this link to see a sample of some of Kaylune's pet art assets: http://birdsandpaper.net/colorlune/index.html Other assets of note include: 2000 items, exploration/world map assets, non-playable character art, and a developing "anthro avatar" system. If you are interested, please contact me on TGL or shoot me an email at tknox@wharton.upenn.edu to discuss further. Thank you!
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