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  1. I commissioned Artsy from this post, the experience couldn't have been better! the art was amazing, after just a bit of describing what I wanted she perfectly captured what I wanted and then some! She worked fast and did a great job. The prices are great and more than worth it for the quality and what a great person she was to work with
  2. Okay, that's kind of what I was thinking. Thank you!
  3. It mainly works off php, would putting something that checks for the account info in the header work? also, i'm assuming a if statement could work for this?
  4. I'm unsure on how to go about setting up a log in redirect, like, if a guest visits the site I would like every page to display some kind of message saying you're not logged in and have a button to login/register. right now logged in or not you can visit every page. I just really don't know how to go about this, I have tried googling but I haven't really found anything that i'm looking for. maybe i'm not searching the right thing?
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