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  1. BlueGriffon HTML editor has Free and Paid versions. There is a paid addon module named ActiveView that does the dual view Code/WYSIWYG views that you are looking for. I'm not sure how much it would cost but probably less than Adobe Dreamweaver. Also if you choose to use Adobe Dreamweaver consider a monthly subscription to Adobe Creative Suite. It is usually easier to afford than a full purchase. And if you have access to a .edu email address, you can often get a discount on the subscription.
  2. No need to share details, I understand and appreciate the privacy concerns. As for PayPal Pro, yes, you do need pro. Because when you start doing CC Auth and using PayPal as basically a merchant gateway, they are much more liable than their traditional model, which is just transferring secured funds. Striped is a good easy to setup gateway for CC and such, and with ApplePay and AndroidPay it extends well into the brick and mortar space also. But if you or your client wanted to do something more like paypal pro, without using a complete third party like Stripe, I would recomend Evo-Payments (https://www.evopayments.com/home/) which is a not quite traditional merchant service. They offer the ability for sites that don't qualify for other services to get account (so small even micro businesses) and offer all the features of Authorize.Net which integrates with nearly any billing/coding platform and has the same features you get from BIG providers like Chase Paymentech. As a disclaimer, I AM a evo-payments authorized re-seller. but I did not include a resale/referrer link so please take this information as honest.
  3. Question, what are the you speak of? As far as I know if you want to do CC capture on your own site via PayPal all you need is a verified business account that has been approved for a merchant account, and to do yearly compliance with PCI-DSS like any other CC Auth Gateway (like Authorize.Net through many vendors). Stripe acts like it's doing it all on your site, but it's actually storing very little on your site, and doing it mosly via their site which is how they get around the PCI-DSS requirements. Honestly I love that CC Auth Gateways require strong Data Security Standards.
  4. Sorry it took me a couple days to reply, but I've been busy with other peoples servers, including a customer hosting on Google Cloud (what a mess that is). I replied via PM. Let me know if you need more details. -GeekGirl
  5. One thing you might want to try is adjusting the wait timeout in your /etc/my.cnf or /etc/my.cnf.d/server/cnf (hereby refrenced as "configs") wait_timeout = 28800 interactive_timeout = 28800 The interactive timeout does not affect any web application connections. A high interactive_timeout but a low wait_timeout is normal and is the best practice. Choose a reasonable wait_timeout value. Stateless PHP environments do well with a 60 second timeout or less. What this does is allow MySQL to drop any old "stale" connections from a PHP application that doesn't properly close the connection. It might help you get around your too many connection errors. You also have the option of increasing the max-connections to something larger. I believe the official MySQL default is 151, but I'm not sure about MariaDB or Percona straight out of the box. I have seen some providers issue a config with a max of 50. max_connections=1000 wait_timeout = 60 That's the setting from my own MariaDB Master Server. I spent a lot of time using MySQL Tuner to try and figure out the optimum settings for my database server. (Server specs are 12x 3.07Ghz Intel Xeon Cores, 24 Threads, 128GB Ram and 3x SAS HDD's in hardware raid).
  6. Hi. I can offer setup or continued server management and maintenance. This is my day to day job. I specialize and recomend DirectAdmin and can provide a Code 500 (VPS) license for $5/month if you do not have one. Once you have DA installed it will handle php and everything else for you. I can setup a migration path from PHP 5 to PHP 7 as well as secure the server (firewall, temp dir, suhosin, WAF, upload scanning, etc) as needed and can help you expand as needed using my global footprint or by using your existing infrastrucure as needed/wanted. For references I have worked extensively with @judda and Misticpets. If you are interested send me a PM and we will talk more about you individual wants and requirements and put something togethere tailored just for you. Please forgive the Typos. I am replying from my phone at my son's first T Ball game (game is over).
  7. I would highly recommend not putting a a sever into play unsecured if you don't know what you are doing. Most IP's are scanned constantly and start getting hit with automated login attacks within seconds of going live. Sure brute force with a secure IP takes time, but I've seen evidence of a botnet with more than 10K bot nodes, that work in sync with each other, with each bot never hitting a single server more than once an hour. This allows the botnet to try multiple times a second and yet not be tack-able by automated firewall systems as most are based on attempts per second by a single host. If you want to learn basic unix or windows server management, start off by installing it on your desktop, laptop, or using a virtual machine like VMWare on your local computer where you can easily shut it down if something goes wrong.
  8. Sounds like you would do best with what is called a "Reseller" account. You would get an account that lets you create sub accounts for all your users and then you could use somerhing like softaculous or installatron to do the wordpress software installs. The advantage of using Softaculous or Installatron is you can set them to keep things up to date and thereby more secure, and they also provide a one-click login option for managing client sites without knowing their passwords. This is an important feature if you hire someone to maintain things in the future as its secure. You could do similar with a VPS a DirectAdmin code 500 license (vps pricing for resellers) and a softaculous license for your budget also, but you would need to know how to maintane your own linux server. If you are interested in knowing more I do host more than one Petsite and am more than willing to give out advice and recomendations.
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