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  1. Hi I'm Azrael, I currently make assets for my own two games that are in development, but sometimes I like making things that don't quite fit. Here are some shrooms! Asking $15 for the pack. $4 each for separate. Comes with the .psd files and .png files (the original file sizes vary) Feel free to PM me. Preferred form of payment is Paypal. Thank you!
  2. Ooh this is very helpful! Thank you both!
  3. Hi I'm Azrael, I've been lurking around TGL for a while now and I really appreciate how kind and supportive everyone is! So here's the deal, My good friend Revan and I bought Design1online's Pet Game Framework. And while we've been waiting on that to be finished, I've been completing art assets for the our game while Revan preps herself to be lead admin and coder. While we're not giving out any details for a long while, at least until PGF is done, We have a team and we're near ready to begin our journey as a pet sim. However, I have a personal quest spurred on by my realization that I'll be an admin someday. I want to learn how to code. I know very little HTML thanks to my years playing sims and designing my own layouts, But I want to learn more. I'm currently looking into CodeAcademy and may take some beginning courses on HTML and CSS there. But I was wondering, Where are some good online sources for starting out? And what languages should I tackle first? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Looking real nice, I love it. 😄
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